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Paleo Indian had immigrated across the Bering Sea by the land bridge of the Aleutian Island chain (known as Beringia) from Siberia into North America and followed a corridor south between the retreating ice sheets, perhaps to hunt wooly mammoth.

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The remaining vegetation would have been charred, forcing starvation upon surviving mega fauna. This comet melted a good portion the Laurentide Ice Sheet and the resultant flood waters changed the Atlantic currents.After the Wisconsin glacier retreated from the Chicago region, it still occupied and dammed the northern end of the Lake Michigan basin, forming glacial Lake Chicago.This lake, which covered most of present-day Chicago, was higher than modern Lake Michigan.[By analyzing pollen and fossilized vegetation in this ancient Ice Age lakebed scientists have determined that at the closing of the last Ice Age, the southwestern Chicago region and the northern half of Illinois was like no other place on earth: covered the landscape.: Caa : Cab : Cac : Cad : Cae : Caf : Cag : Cah : Cai : Cak : Cal : Calv : Cam : Camp : Camr : Can : Cao : Cap : Car : Care : Carm : Carr : Caru : Cas : Casw : Cat : Cau : Cav : Caw : Cax : Cay : Caz : Al Hussein (King) of the HIJAZ (HEJAZ) (Istanbul 1854 - 1931 Amman) ; aka Hussein (al-Husayn) ibn ALI; aka al-Husayn ibn Ali al-HASHIMI; King of the ARABS; Sharif of MECCA; claimant CALIPH (of all the Muslims) Athelstan `the Glorious' (King) of ENGLAND (895? aka Athelstan of the SAXONS; defeated Olaf III at Battle of Brunanburh in 937; poss. This spruce forest lasted for about 1,000 years, until about 15,000 years ago, when climate warmed and deciduous trees became more abundant, including balsam poplar (Populus balsamifera), black ash (Fraxinus nigra), and ironwood (Ostrya virginiana or Carpinus caroliniana).

Balsam fir (Abies balsamea) also was present, as was spruce, although not as abundantly as before.

This cheeky little toddler is even cuter in real life.

The head is red and yellow carnelian agate w sparkling clear crystal eyes. This pre-Columbian artifact was probably a child's toy or mother's keepsake; 2 parts.

2.0"h; 66 gm $65 What Happened to the Mega Fauna and the Paleo-Indian? A geological black-layer deposit of carbon containing nano-diamonds at over 50 locations in North America tells the tale: About 12,900 years ago a huge Ice Age comet hit the atmosphere just above Canada.

The discoverer, Geologist James Kennett, also found an abnormally high percentage of these nano-diamonds in a Greenland Glacier at the 12,900-year layer.

This late-Pleistocene forest of spruce and deciduous trees is unusual in that a forest of similar composition does not occur anywhere today.