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Over this period of time, smaller lava flows back-filled the eroding valley, building up the floor of what is commonly called the Haleakala Crater.But no trace of Michele Harris's DNA was among the ashes, and there is no guarantee the evidence will even be allowed in Calvin Harris's fourth trial.He has already been found guilty for her murder twice in 20. I've been ripped away from my kids three times now," Harris said back in 2014.Stunning sunrises, panoramic out-of-this-world landscapes, birds-eye views of the Maui central valley, and flora and fauna that exist nowhere else in the world.DETAILS: Haleakala National Park covers the summit area of the larger of the two volcanic mountains that make up Maui.Maui then made the Sun an offer he couldn’t refuse: he would let the Sun go, but in return the Sun would have to cross the sky much more slowly from that day forward.

The Sun agreed, Maui released him, and we’re now blessed with long sunny days!

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Jury selection is expected to begin for a prominent New York businessman who faces his fourth murder trial in the death of his estranged wife.

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