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Adult theater chat room

" she asked with her face twisted to the side in thought, holding up first one garment, then another.

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We started going to a "couples only" theater on the north side of town.Also, after many years in the life style, it was frankly a bit too tame for our tastes.I suggested we try going to a regular adult theater that advertised "couples welcome", instead of "couples only".Jeena was dressed in a black, tight mini skirt, white button up blouse with three quarter sleeves, 5 inch "fuck me" heels, and no bra.It was only later that I discovered she was "commando" beneath the skirt as well.If, on the other hand," I continued, "you want to limit access, wear pants"."Mmmmm," she replied and I went into the next room, to the bar, to mix us some drinks.

When I returned with the drinks I saw, with great pleasure, that the decision had been made.

There was an adult book store/theater which had just those words in their Internet and Yellow Pages ads.

The night before we planned to go, sitting in our back yard playing with our dogs, we started discussing how we should arrange the visit. "Look if you don't want to go, I'm cool with it", I pressed.

We arrived at the book store/theater, parked and walked in together.

As we crossed the parking lot, two young men were just leaving.

On entering the theater area, the combination of the dark room and the bright screen left us blinded for a moment, so we stopped for our eyes to adjust.