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So perhaps older people feel just as frisky as they did when they were in their 20s, but, for whatever reason, they are less likely to engage in sex.

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Are men hot-blooded, sex-driven creatures that think about sex every seven seconds? Men do think about sex more than women (34 times compared to 19 times a day – so about every 1,700 seconds), but men also think about food and sleep more than women.Age is another thing we might think has a big effect on sexual desire.A study of adults aged 18-59 found as we get older we are more prone to sexual dysfunctions.For women, however, the effect of testosterone and other hormones on desire is less clear.There is some evidence women’s sexual desire changes at different stages of their ovulatory cycle.When it comes to what factors control sexual desire, hormones are important to consider.

For men, as levels of testosterone increase, sexual desire is also likely to rise.

Two national surveys of Finnish adults aged 18-74 and 18-81 found once a number of other factors were accounted for, including sexual functioning, attitudes towards sex, and relationship closeness, ageing had no effect on sexual desire.

Ageing was, however, related to having sex less often, even after controlling for these factors.

Hence, women’s hormones do appear to play some role in controlling sexual desire, and this effect may be especially strong among single women.

A common belief is that the contraceptive pill diminishes women’s libido.

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