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Before the explosive development of the oil industry turned Baku into an industrial powerhouse of the Russian Empire, the city limits didn't stretch much further than today's Old City, which is still Baku's cultural heart.

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The new galleries engage visitors in the tumult, drama and promise of the American Revolution through firsthand encounters with objects made and used by people of the period and an array of sensory experiences – re-created immersive environments, dioramas, interactive exhibits, video presentations and an experiential theater.In 1774 Patriots in Hanover, Pennsylvania, resolved to fight for their rights if necessary, proclaiming that, “Our cause we leave to heaven and our rifles.” • “Revolution” traces the war from the Battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775 to victory at Yorktown in 1781 and the aftermath, and examines the motivations for American perseverance.Placed in the center of this part of the gallery is an exhibit on the Declaration of Independence, which includes a very early printing of this document.Teens spend a great portion of each day in school; however, they are unable to maximize the learning opportunities afforded by the education system, since sleep deprivation impairs their ability to be alert, pay attention, solve problems, cope with stress and retain information.Young people who do not get enough sleep night after night carry a significant risk for drowsy driving ; emotional and behavioral problems such as irritability, depression, poor impulse control and violence; health complaints; tobacco and alcohol use; impaired cognitive function and decision-making; and lower overall performance in everything from academics to athletics.Teens are among those least likely to get enough sleep; while they need on average 9 1/4 hours of sleep per night for optimal performance, health and brain development, teens average fewer than 7 hours per school night by the end of high school, and most report feeling tired during the day (Wolfson & Carskadon, 1998).

The roots of the problem include poor teen sleep habits that do not allow for enough hours of quality sleep; hectic schedules with afterschool activities and jobs, homework hours and family obligations; and a clash between societal demands, such as early school start times , and biological changes that put most teens on a later sleep-wake clock.

Hessian officer Johann Ewald observed of American troops that “one can perceive what an enthusiasm – which these poor fellows call ‘Liberty’ – can do!

” The “Revolution” theme encompasses exhibits about weapons and tactics, military commanders and ordinary soldiers, and the new United States on the world stage.

The film recently received the American Alliance of Museum’s 2017 Gold MUSE Award.

The American Revolution timeline, bordering a 22,000-square-foot exhibition gallery, provides a visual journey from the 13 British colonies in the 1750s to westward expansion of the new United States in the 1790s.

An experiential theater transports visitors to the Yorktown battlefield in 1781, with wind, smoke and the thunder of cannon fire.