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Together we have looked at group types and overall sizes and taken a structured approach to help guide our decisions on how to calculate the number of spaces."The Parade is at the heart of Pride and the overwhelming number of applicants shows how important it is for people.  Sadly, London's streets are just not big enough to accommodate everyone and we can't ask volunteers, who already start their shifts hours before the Parade, to steward an even longer event.

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This is demonstrated by the company’s own event, Parallel London, a sports festival focussed on accessibility.What we see today is undoubtedly down to the hard work of the Peter Tatchell Foundation, Human Dignity Trust and the Kaleidoscope Trust, among a number of organisations, that have campaigned tirelessly for the United Kingdom to recognise its role in implementing these laws in countries across the globe and advocate for their repeal.We are extremely thankful for the work and dedication of these organisations and will continue to support them in the fight for equality.We look forward to joining members of the LGBT community from Commonwealth countries on the streets of London on 7th July for Pride in London 2018.”Pride in London is a volunteer-led organisation, hosting hundreds of events that culminate in a parade through the capital’s streets.This year’s parade is taking place on Saturday 7th July 2018.There are other ways of taking part - you could also consider submitting an event for our a Festival or volunteering with us.

We will also be sending instructions to our first parade briefing session in April.

In response, Co-Chairs of Pride in London, Alison Camps and Michael Salter-Church said:“Pride in London welcomes the Prime Minister’s speech and the UK government’s “deep regret” of the legacy role the United Kingdom has played in introducing these abhorrent anti-LGBT laws.

We call on the Prime Minister and the British Government to continue to stand up for LGBT rights in every forum they operate.

With a very heavy heart we have taken the difficult decision to focus on our own festivals and events in the next few years, but we feel confident that we leave Pride in London in fantastic shape and with a brilliant volunteer board and wider team at the helm.

Underbelly has loved working with this team and we look forward to seeing and supporting the continual development of Pride in London in the coming years.”Mona Mohtadi, Operations Director at innovision, said:“We are particularly excited to be working with the Pride in London team.

It is managed by passionate people and delivered with joy, purpose and meaning.