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If you've never been to a race before, I suggest you try the things on my list if you ever get the chance to go some day.10. When you first arrive at the race track, you will be absolutely amazed at the amount of souvenir stands; I don't think I had even seen them all.In every parking lot or camping area, you'll easily find these white tents with tons of NASCAR gear to please any race fan.

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So I am going to share the ten things you must do when attending a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, to make your weekend just that better.Last September, I attended my very first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH.This was no doubt the most exciting and all-time best weekend of my life, and hopefully I'll get to go again next year.It seriously cost me five dollars at the race track for a small piece of paper that had a list of radio frequencies.5. Remember those show cars I mentioned earlier, they usually have hot models (the type you find in car magazines in their bikinis) standing next to the cars, just looking pretty so the boys can stare. The same drivers you idolize every weekend through the television screen, are right there in front of you!Driver intros always happen on the finish line, on a big, fancy looking stage.So when you're at the race track, try mingling with the other fans and you could end up having a great time you weren't even expecting to have.

Just remember that everyone around you are NASCAR fans, so that's the perfect way to start a conversation and make some new friends.8. At some place around the race track, you should find the area where all the show cars are on display. Get to see some NASCAR Sprint Cup Series cars up close, you might even get to sit in one and dream that you're driving at 200mph.

It's also the perfect way to get you revved up for another awesome race! The SPEED Stage For anyone who is familiar with the SPEED channel, this is you absolutely cannot miss.

Get to watch great, live talk shows in person, such as NASCAR Trackside, NASCAR Live, Tradin' Paint, NASCAR Performance and NASCAR Raceday.

As we spoke to the tailgaters, we realized that more of their friends and girlfriends had arrived and that we were kind of in their little party.

They didn't mind that we hung out with them, they actually cooked us a few hot dogs on the grill, which by the way saved us some good cash that we would have spent at a restaurant.

If you are in some way associated with the sponsor, you should get invited.