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I was honestly miserable watching every episode not because it was bad but simply because this drama was too real :( I reallly love this kdrama! It can touch the hearts of all the millennial out there :) beautiful & funny :) a must watch!!! I’m looking forward for their another project as a love team. I got really fond of this kdrama,my friend recommend me this 1 cuz the mc girl is cute. Anyone who denies this..probably has never had chemistry with anyone before. The acting, the screenwriting, and the directing are just great. I will miss this drama, but I cannot wait to see what these fantastic directors and writers and actors have coming up!!!! I utterly love this series and I've been watching it from the very first episode. She's supposed to be supportive and strong like the first- couple- of-episodes-Choi Aera. (The weak Seolhui becomes really strong and persevere (did she swap her body with aera?? Don't you feel bad leaving a woman because of fighting that you might lose and make you die and honestly you could get away from it? 3 episodes earlier it showed the faith and closeness and then ep15 the break up. He should be with tjenother gorl then Obviously area who supposedly is shown as strong is a weak minded person. YOU cam make a persom vulnerable but not pathetic which is where area is heafing to I was really looking forward to this drama before it started. #justsayin dong man and aera are the best thing of this storyline is real and funny and episose 15 was so sad to watch their relationship is so real but i skip the scenes with the seconds leads.i find them so annoying to watch I watched it from the start and to know that tomorrow will be the last episode makes me kinda sad but im happy because i have discovered this drama and im glad i knew it .

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Overall how your rank is society is everything .... I’m looking forward for their another project as a love team. I love the chemistry of Park Seo-Joon and Kim Ji Won.. In my opinion, this is the best, most memorable drama of 2017. I cannot wait for another drama to make me as happy as this one and Weight Lifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo has made me. 23 years of friendship but still, she has no faith in him.. I meant no offense and this is basically just my opinion.This drama actually kind of conforts me , I don't know but to see other people not fully succesfull still figuring out there life is much more appreciated than seeing very younger people easily succeding at everything which makes you feel bad at whatever your situation is, in reality life is not that easy ! I am so happy Park seo joon oppa has chose this project and Kim ji won as they look so perfect with each other. Forever a Fan of Him : ): ) I just love every lines and scene in this drama. No words can explain how much we all love this drama. and she succeed in the end amazing acting from kim ji won once option to portray choi Ae Ra character I love this drama I think everyone here love it too.This drama gives hope that it's ok if you're not where you want to be at this age , you just have to fight your way through it ! With me it's a best drama in 2017 and everyone should watch it.I love how this drama is so realistic that you can relate to them somehow.Main characters are not chaebols, prince-charming wannabe or whatever.seriously, it's a must watch & repeat kdrama for me 120% reccomended unlike many others , I liked this drama because it was too real ! :)) and I guess it would be more surprising if Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won will really end up in real life *crossed fingers* chaebal! I only have one complaint though, the videography or whatever they call it, disturbs me so much because the camera is just annoyingly shaky and out of focus for every single shot. This is one drama story that i will always remember and of course the Fantastic 4. Every scene is my favorite scene tbh now that this drama ended i am gonna miss it and i can say that my favourite character by far was choi Aera it has everything.

So fed up with all those unrealistic princes charming fairy tales kinda plots , this one on the other hand shows what's like to really fall in love in the real world with all it's awkwardness. :) -PH fan I can relate in their struggle,pain,dream and happiness. Park seo joon acting is always amazing, you can laugh with him,cry with him, also be angry with him, but most importantly you will feel the love in him. strong, sassy beautiful kindhearted cute protective never give up but also has fears to become an amazing woman being even though she didn't has a mother next to her.i feel so close to her suffer so much from young age till the end of the drama best female character ever.

These people thrive on adrenalin and it is eat or be eaten! This is ruining the experience for me - as I sometimes watch UFC too, and nobody ever - none of these hungry-for-success-and-adrenalin people would hesitate like this...

You shouldn't be fighting if you can't stomach punching people... This movie is so very sweet,funny,serious and simple i hope this movie have a part 2.

They are just like us, normal people who's struggling to live. How they defended and supported each other through good and bad times.

And just like the usual, PSJ never failed to make my heart flutter. :) Ok, I like this drama as it is about your everyday people, maybe a little on the country bumpkin side, their survival, fears and happiness.

I love this drama because it fun and light but also disscuses young people's daily struggles ! Super light and does not really heavy but still full of entertaining chemistry between the main actors. His chemistry with his heroines really no joke especially with Hwang Jeung Um & Kim Jiwon. Special thanks to director, actor and all casts, you guys gave me the best feeling ever.