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Keeping a list of questions will also give you easy reference points when you need to re-engage with your notes for a paper or project.Practice management advisor, Joyce Brafford says “there’s no shame in drawing charts or shapes if it aids your understanding.” Whether you are writing or typing, find ways to add visual interest to your notes.

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She says that following the method of cadence in any speaker’s presentation will teach you what the speaker feels is the most important. Anything your professor thinks is most important should probably be prioritized in your notes and your study.Now that you have some ideas on how to boost the efficiency of your note-taking, you might be wondering how to streamline other aspects of your college experience.Read this article for 6 Time Management Tips for College Students.Yager suggests dating your notes and numbering the pages to help you keep things in chronological order, and to help jog your memory of the class time you took notes from.John Paul Engel of Project Be The Change advocates for taking notes by hand, but then typing them up at the end of the day.But spending time and energy trying to keep all of the new information straight isn’t an efficient use of your investment in college.

Taking excellent notes and keeping them organized will help you focus on learning the information you need to know for the test.

We’ve asked professionals in multiple fields for their top tips in note-taking.

Whether you prefer to take notes digitally or by hand, read on! “What is the key point that the professor is making? Jan Yager, a professor and author who is writing a book on how students can make their time in college more efficient.

“I never earned less than an A in the classes I made one-page study sheets.” Simple and straightforward, the ease of organizing notes in desktop folders attracts both the tech-savvy and the tech-allergic. Within that folder, I make a folder for each class, and for each class I have a new word document titled notes,” says Leah Villanueva.

This technique also allows you to drop forms, web research and any other electronic data into the appropriate class folders, so nothing is lost.

This activation does not occur when they are typing.” Schweighofer believes the combination of kinesthetic and visual stimulation that occurs when students write by hand, helps them to better remember and understand the material.