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Heartbreaking images have revealed how a huge mass of abandoned fishing nets are drifting in the Caribbean Sea, indiscriminately catching and killing dozens of sea creatures.

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Mr Martin-Mayes predicted the enormous tangle of nets had been drifting for 'months' due to the amount of growth on it but fears it may never be found again.'It’s hard to do anything now as it's moved probably 100-150 miles, drifting east,' he warned.

Countless creatures caught: British dive instructor Dominick Martin-Mayes and his dive partner Pierre Lesieur were 'heartbroken' after discovering the dozens of sharks and fish rotting in the mass of abandoned nets Paradise lost: The shocking photos have highlighted a problem beyond the surface of the idyllic Caribbean Sea. Did our best to free what we could but we were too late for most,' Mr Martin-Mayes posted. Lesieur told local news station Cayman 27 that the scale of the net's size can't be comprehended until you see it underwater.'The surface of it was only probably about 50 feet in diameter, but just like an iceberg, 90 per cent of the mass is underneath, and they were miles and miles of netting just tangled up and embedded in themselves, below the water, just disappearing into the depths,' he explained.

There are a bunch of sharks in it, I couldn’t really tell what species as most were decomposing,' he said.