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Haley immediately denied the allegations that she’d had an extramarrital dalliance with blogger Will Folks while he was in her employ, calling the claim a “disgraceful smear.” Former Alaska Gov.Sarah Palin came running to her aid later in the day.

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Maybe there are a passel of prominent women engaged in whatever passes for a sex scandal these days,” says Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation.Six Niagara players were arrested following an attack on Jeffrey St.Denis, a Niagara baseball pitcher, outside a Niagara Falls bar on Aug. • Joe De Santis resigned as Quinnipiac’s men’s coach.Click Image Below to View Our Gallery of Women’s Sex Scandals Each week seems to bring news of a new sex scandal involving a man in public office (Haley is running to replace scandal-plauged Mark Sanford), but these ignominies rarely affect their female colleagues.Idaho congresswoman Helen Chenoweth had a six-year affair in the 1980s with a married rancher who later worked for her congressional staff. Conventional wisdom has a few explanations: Some argue that women have to work extra hard for their prominence and are therefore less willing to risk everything for an easy lay.“So then even when those stereotypical power dynamics aren’t really the ones at play, the culture-making machinery will simplify whatever the real story is until it is a more familiar wronged-woman, lothario-man narrative.”Perhaps for that reason, most modern sex scandals centered around prominent women have a more chaste feel.

At the height of her stardom, Ingrid Bergman left her husband for Roberto Rossellini, and nearly lost her career as a result.

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Quite simply, “women tend to prefer males who are more powerful than they and not vice versa,” he says.

But maybe it’s a little more complicated than the standard psychological profile of star-fucking.“Men are typically seen as having agency and women are typically seen as being acted upon in romantic relationships,” says New York writer Emily Gould (a survivor of her own small-scale sex scandal).

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