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College dating violence articles

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Points of view expressed on this website are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the position of the Office on Violence Against Women, United States Department of Justice.Materials contained on this site as well as links to other sites should not be construed as legal information, legal advice, legal representation, or any form of endorsement or recommendation.

What You Can Do Washington Centers that Serve Men Other Centers that Serve Men On-line Help and Support VIDEOS: Research on Violence Against Men You Tube video presentations on the latest research findings and bias in violence against men.More than twice as many women visit ERs due to being injured by an animal than by a male partner. It's about power and control more than reaction to abuse--same as for men.Controversy over DV by Women Leading researcher Dr. Straus critiques the recent National Violence Against Women Survey, offers insights into the "politics" of domestic violence and whether the controversy will ever end. "He wasn't sensitive to my needs." "I wanted my partner's attention." "He wasn't listening." College men nearly as likely to be victims of unwanted sexual coercion So says a new study at the University of Washington. Men's Reactions to Female Sexual Coercion One of the long-standing myths about sexual coercion is that a woman cannot make a man have sex with her.Over 40% of victims of severe physical violence are men.CDC 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Teen dating violence: More males than females victims of physical violence Violence Against Women Survey Full Rpt.British Home Office report Men as likely to be victims of domestic violence as women, according to a major British Home Office research study.

Exploding Myths about ER data Data from NIJ, CDC refute myths that DV is leading cause of injury to women or causes more injuries than rape, auto accidents, and muggings combined.

Perpetrators, Victims, Survivors A woman seeks help for her own violence.

Violent Femmes At first I would switch off whenever I saw a report about domestic violence.

Over 40% of victims of severe physical violence, more often psychologically abused Help is available Are You Battered or Abused?

Why Men Don't Do Anything About It Why Men Don't Get Help?

I knew I was about to be subjected to yet another pungent vilification of men and their propensity to beat women."Hey, what about guys like me? Batterer treatment It wasn't relevant that she has assaulted six men.