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Cultural differences in dating hispanic women

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P -- Anthem -- Relax -- Billy Turner's secret -- Dead boys club.

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DVD 2431 The filmmaker documents her personal journey through illnesses, surgeries and problems she encounters with the medical establishment. DVD 4700 This is the first in-depth documentary film to cast a critical eye over the growth of gay images on television. Video/C 5709 Nearing 100 years old, Bobby Staff whimsically exposes a rare and revealing insight into the romantic life of a butch lesbian born in 1913. In his own way he comes to terms with the news in front of Grenier's camera. Video/C 2693 This documentary seeks, once and for all, to destroy misconceptions, fears, and myths about the LGBTQ community. Also tells the story of Kelli Peterson, a high school student in Salt Lake City, Utah, and her struggle to cope with being lesbian in a sometimes hostile society and to establish a Gay-Straight Alliance club at East High School in Salt Lake City. Making guest appearances are Mistress Formica, Deee-lite, the Duelling Bankheads, Ru Paul and the dyvine Lypsinka." [from HBO website, Jim Byerley]1995. Video/C 4173 Interviews with 26 men and women of all ages and cultures who are members of America's gay communities. "Walking on Tippy Toes: Lesbian and Gay Liberation Documentary of the Post Stonewall Period, 1969-84. Video/C MM435 Connected by having a son or daughter who is gay, parents across the country discuss their experiences. DVD X4056 Various gay and lesbian couples who chose to publicly commit their love for one another in a wedding ceremony are interviewed. The boys in the band sparked heated controversy that still exists four decades later. DVD X6719 A documentary that explores the desire for radical politics and culture in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. Video/C 9130 Explores eroded emulsions and images for lost vestiges of lesbian and gay culture. San Francisco icons, Del Martin and Phylllis Lyon areknown as the founders of the modern lesbian civilrights movement. He encourages viewers to realize their individual potential and to replace self-hate with self-esteem, self-doubt with self- knowledge, self-consciousness with self-confidence. Examines the political urgency of the 60's to the alienation and social contradictions of the 90's. Explores the failure of traditional safe-sex messages to reach a new generation. DVD X6602 This documentary "explores the drama, struggle, and enduring legacy of the first-ever gay play and subsequent Hollywood movie to successfully reach a mainstream audience. Video/C 6225 Chronicles the lives of two women who have been partnersin love and political struggle for half a century. Alternative treatments to solve her medical problems included tai chi and acupuncture, gardening and embroidery. Directors and producers, Mary Jo Godges, Renee Sotile. Discusses the fallacies, the facts, and the feelings of being gay in a straight world. Video/C 3309 An idiosyncratic portrait of the tragedies and triumphs of the gay liberation movement. Video/C 3376 Examines the resurgent AIDS crisis through the prism of eight gay men -- four Baby Boomers and four Gen Xers who talk about their experiences with HIV/AIDS and safer sex messages. Wilson's journey dramatically illustrates the universal challenges of being an outsider in a conservative environment and the transformation that is possible when those who have long been constrained by a traditional code of silence summon the courage to break it. Featuring interviews with celebrities, politicians, and everyday allies who openly embrace the LGBTQ community, it asserts that no single person is the same and that all people should be celebrated.. Camera, sound, interviewing, and editing by: Lucy Massie Phenix, Robert Epstein, Andrew Brown, Veronica Selver, Nancy Adair, Peter Adair. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c1997. Among Karen's friends and lovers are Phyllis, a photographer who captures San Francisco's lesbian culture, Jackie and Shar, makers of erotic videos for women, Annika, Karen's ex who defends monogramy and Erin, Karen's lover who teachers her how to love men. The parents also talk about struggling with the pain their sons and daughters have dealt with, such as not being accepted by relatives and/or friends and being ostracized by religious congregations. DVD X2105; vhs Video/C 2749:1-2 Contains three videos by Sadie Benning who uses an inexpensive camera and toys, drawings, and scrawled diary entries to record the thoughts, feelings and images that reveal her emerging lesbian sexuality. At workshops around the country, people facing life-threatening illnesses are asked to remember the highs and lows of their lives, and even imagine their own deaths. Resonance: an exploration of gay-bashing in the back streets of Sydney. Showcases six short films with gay themes produced in the 1990s. "Pictures of Sickness: Stuart Marshall's Bright Eyes." In: Queer Looks: Perspectives on lesbian and Gay Film and Video / editors Martha Gever, Pratibha Parmar, John Greyson. DVD X6785; vhs Video/C 5004 Footage from over 120 films shows the changing face of homosexuality (both male and female) in the movies from cruel stereotypes to covert love to the activist triumphs of the 1990s. Timely and witty, Walloch makes the viewer question the term "disabled," as he pokes fun at religion, society, his friends and himself. This film explores gay and lesbian images and issues presented in television sit-coms and dramas through comments by the creators of "Thirtysomething," "Ellen," and "In the Life." Includes clips from the shows and a call-in question-and-answer session. Video/C 5684 Begins with gay celebrities from the 19th century and catalogues mostly Western European gay history to the present day through archival footage, re-created scenes and interviews. Video/C 9520 In 2004, Log Cabin -- the Gay Republican Club -- was put to the test. DVD 4404 Film coverage of the 1977 lesbian and gay pride parades and marches throughout the United States. The film follows the stories of two "bug chasers" who sought out "the gift" of HIV infection. How much pressure does this exert on otherwise straight women to explore lesbian relationships and does it confuse teenage girls or push them prematurely towards sexual experimentation? The film works on many levels to reposition the mythic tale of the Beatles boy's life by casting '80's women in mod drag, effectively mapping the lesbian sub-culture onto heterosexual mass culture. Video 903 Combining rare footage and interviews this documentary surveys the art and lives of various closeted lesbian women artists from different segments of the 20th century: Victorian photographer Alice Austen, Weimar collagist Hannah Hoch, and present day painter Nicole Eisenman.

The film is structured chronologically, following both the escalation of Laurel's battle with the Freeholders and the decline of her health as cancer spreads to her brain. Special features: 100 additional minutes of never-before-seen footage, including: Oscar Day: Behind the Scenes, The Making of Freeheld, Laurel and Stacie's Video Diary, Laurel's Childhood, Communities Respond to Freeheld. Politically incorrect and politically challenging, much of Greg's act is based on his being openly gay and disabled. DVD 1185 One in a series of satellite seminars which investigate how prime-time television is conceptualized and created. Video/C 6229 Documents the phenomenon of deliberate HIV infection. It also touches on underlying questions: Is the mainstream portrayal of lesbian sex accurate? Video/C MM359 Featuring an all-female cast - including Shelley Cook as Ono, Susie Bright as Lennon - this film plays with the romanticized history of the iconic Fab Four, gently mocking John and Yoko's banal squabbles and obsessive rituals of self-display. "Hammer's satiric use of technology corresponds well with the Eighties repression of sexual expression." Contents: Menses (10 min.) -- Superdyke (20 min) -- Our Trip (4 min.) -- Sync Touch (10 min.) -- Doll House (3 min.) -- No No Nooky T.

DVD 4423; also VHS Video/C 3447 The story of the AIDS Memorial Quilt established by the San Francisco NAMES Project Foundation in 1987 to commemorate the lives lost to AIDS. DVD 2761; also VHS Video/C 1774 Examination of the changing views of lesbianism. Includes discussion of the belief by many psychologists that homosexuality is sick and perverted and the belief that lesbians are threats. Pacifica Radio Archives, BC0448 A profile of Tom of Finland, Finland's most famous male homosexual artist, noted for his portrayal of muscular homosexual types in various erotic poses. DVD X894 Interviews with lesbian students at the University of California, Berkeley concerning their views on family and personal relationships. While entertaining, the film also does away with several misconceptions about one of the sub-cultures of the LGBT community. Interviews with the organizers of the conference are intercut with conference footage, including performances, controversies and speeches. Founded in 1974 for the purpose of presenting a playful, entertaining view of traditional, classical ballet in parody form and in travesty, the comedy is achieved by incorporating and exaggerating the foibles, accidents, and underlying incongruities of serious dance. DVD 3277 Contents: Les sylphides -- Le grand pas de quatre -- Yes, Virginia, another piano ballet -- The dying swan -- Paquita. Mel White of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, responds to those who use the Bible to reject lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, by presenting a dramatic retelling of the life of Christ. Students are asked to consider issues related to homosexuality at six elementary and middle schools. Video/C 4957 Examines how actress Jodie Foster and her on-screen roles have become viewed as a lesbian role model. Video/C 9128 Judith Butler, professor in the Departments of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley, is one of the world's most important and influential contemporary thinkers in fields such as continental philosophy, literary theory, feminist and queer theory, and cultural politics. DVD 7258 Documents the lives of three Ortho-Dykes, lesbians living, with varying degrees of anonymity, with the Orthodox population of Jerusalem. Also discusses how media images of lesbians affect the construction of identity and how lesbians are written in and out of history. Film interweaves rare archive film of the gay bar scene in the 1940's, the vice raids of the 1950's, the gay counter culture of the 1960's and "coming out" in the 1970's up until the bar closed its doors in 1989. DVD X1729 University of California Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Association. Presentations by speakers at the annual conference of the University of California LGBT Association addressing issues of concern to homosexual students and speeches on homosexual rights. Video/C 6898 Sabrina Sojourner hosts a discussion on the lesbian underground, or what it was like to be a lesbian before the feminist and gay liberation movement.

Includes reenactments including a lesbian on the couch, and a live discussion with participants from the Lesbian Feminists. Drag focuses on the different facets of contemporary Drag culture of San Francisco. Ecce Homo asks whether this taboo is against gay sex or against seeing gay sex. At the conference 1,200 men, women and young people from 23 countries examined the issues of the relations between race, class, gender and sexuality through Lorde's work. They return as refugees from spiritual exile, refusing to be victims any longer and call upon the church not only to repent of its homophobia, but to celebrate the spiritual gifts they have because they are lesbians. Presents performances by the all-male ballet troupe Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. An exploration of what happens when experienced teachers talk to their students about lesbians and gay men. DVD 5307 An exploration of lesbian history and the women who have served as role models and objects of desire for young lesbians. Video/C 3272 A look at the world's longest running lesbian bar, Maud's in San Francisco. Intimate conversations with lesbian film directors, including clips from their works, in which they explore their sexual identity, growing up gay, inspirations and techniques of filmaking, Hollywood vs. Directed and edited by Janet Baus and Su Friedrich. Lavender limelight: Intimate conversations with lesbian film directors, including clips from their works, in which they explore their sexual identity, growing up gay, inspirations and techniques of filmaking, Hollywood vs. Carmelita Tropicana: Humorous monologues, soapy melodramas, and campy production numbers ensue when a Latina performance artist who supports herself as a building super on New York's Lower East Side winds up in jail with some other riot girls. In this compelling three-part documentary, we find the mix of loss and courage, fear and joy, and pain and determination that make up the experience of living and dying.

Interviews with Mexican lesbians and movement leaders present impressions of daily life in their country. The parents also talk about struggling with the pain their sons and daughters have dealt with, such as not being accepted by relatives and/or friends and being ostracized by religious congregations. Videocassette release of a film originally produced bythe Oregon Tape Project in 1994. A blend of fact and fiction, Beefcake focuses on the 1950's world of male-physique magazines and Mizer's Athletic Model Guild.

Contents: A place called lovely -- It wasn't love -- Girl power. They then transform these feelings into expressive movement, which Jones incorporates into the dance "Still/Here". RSVP: A powerful portrait of loss punctuated by the haunting voice of Jessye Norman.

Special features: Interview with director John Scagliotti; Dorothy Allison & Jewelle Gomez on Vito Russo; Armistead Maupin on PBS and the Christian Right; Barney Frank on Post-Stonewallian stories of travel; Jewelle Gomez on poetry as a galvanizing force; Dorothy Allison on making an alternative family; trailer gallery. This experimentally processed film expresses Queer anger and rage at the no-win constructs of straight culture's refusal to accept the political impact of the disease on gay identity.c1990. DVD 2766; also VHS Video/C 1461 [See Also: Stonewall Archives] This program presents the accounts and stories of people who have recently taken the step of coming out.