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Dating a fender stratocaster body

Also, while we are not a Fender dealer, we often have some in our used selection that come and go quickly so take a look on our used guitars, basses and amps page.

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RICKENBACKER electric vintage guitars and lapsteels till 1969. Contoured ash body, two-color (yellow to brown) sunburst finish.Thin "spaghetti" peghead decal logo, no patent numbers.Walnut "skunk stripe" down back of neck where truss rod was installed.Single layer, white vinyl pickguard with 8 attachment screws. Each nickel plated saddle is stamped "Fender Pat Pend" (note reissue models are stamped "Fender Fender"). Vinyl plastic knobs and pickup covers replace "bakelite".A small aluminum sheilding plate is installed underneath the pickguard that covers the control cavity. Also available without tremolo (known as a "hardtail" model). Sunburst finish changed to three colors (red added).

Mid 1959 Statocaster : Slab Rosewood fingerboard with white "clay" position dots.

The Stratocaster was not the first Fender solid-body electric guitar—that honor belongs to the 1950, one-pickup Esquire, which went through several name changes (including a period when the guitar had no name at all) before being labeled the Telecaster in 1951.

But the Strat, as it is known, was the guitar that made the word "Fender" synonymous with "rock 'n' roll." Introduced in 1954, its ash body (alder was used after 1956) was sculpted...

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Since 1946, Fender's iconic Stratocasters, Telecasters and Precision Jazz bass guitars have transformed nearly every music genre. Dating can be an amazing experience and not just because you might meet the love of your life! The world s greatest electric guitar comes in a variety of platforms.

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