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Dating a hindu man

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LOLiam sure about that,see here get some cool tips to improve your ralationship, that all about i wish to say, but, how means, here iam presenting u a cool dating site, there u will will have sweet tips from the straigwwht discussion forums, the u will have nice time too, here u can go Web link removed because - THIS IS NOT A DATING FORUM!!!!A Hindu can do marriage with a Muslim woman only if Hindu guy accept (embrace) Islam. yes if they get marriage against the will of woman's muslim parents, there may chance ................ Please tell me what would happen if an Indian man falls in love with an Arab woman?

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The problem with Hinduism is that you can argue from every angle and support different standpoints, depending upon how you may view them.However, as in all other matters in Hinduism, intention is important to determine whether the sexual conduct of a person is lawful (dharma) or unlawful (adharma) and whether the sexual desire is pursued for the right ends.If a person pursues it purely for pleasure and selfish enjoyment, it is considered evil and unlawful.Even the Upanishads hint at the faint connection between the supreme bliss of Brahman and the bliss arising from sexual union, which is a billion times less intense, but all the same divine.Thus, sex is not evil in Hinduism as long as it is pursued as the means to righteous ends, and not considered an end in itself.The worlds cannot exist or continue without sexual desire, and God cannot ensure the order and regularity of his creation unless beings procreate and support the gods in heaven.

Since it is central to our existence, fulfillment of sexual desire is considered in Hinduism one of the chief aims of human life, without which a householder cannot attain the fourth aim, namely liberation, or ensure his existence or that of his ancestors in the ancestral heaven.

Therefore, those who write about Hinduism cannot escape criticism from those whose knowledge is limited, biased, or who cannot see or understand the complexity of Hinduism itself.

There can be conflicts with regards to not only opinions and interpretations, but also facts, since Indian history has become a mess with ideological slant dominating the minds of historians and scholars alike.

Now is this a fabrication by western media or is it really true?

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Sexual desire is personified in Hinduism as a deity (kamadeva) who instills the passion of love in those whom he chooses to torment.