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Dating a mixed race girl

If you know a mixed-race/mixed blood (blasteran/campuran) Indonesian girl who deserves to be listed here, please leave a comment!

Born in 1984, Nadine Chandrawinata is a former beauty pageant contestant who won Puteri Indonesia in 2005.In comparison, single-race population increased 9.2%. Say you are white but you know that you have some Asian blood in you.Or take the example of Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts.The white and some other race responses mainly reflect people who reported white with a Hispanic origin.Hispanic or Latino is an ethnic, not racial, category in the census.Unsurprisingly, those girls (and guys) are over-represented among celebrities: Countless of actors, singers and TV stars are "blasteran", the word for mixed-race people.

This is also true among models and beauty pageants contestants.

She says she has Native American ancestry and could have ticked two boxes in the census.

Elizabeth Warren: Is she, or isn’t she Native American?

I would have loved adding girls with Asian (particularly Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean), Arab, Indian, Latino or Black ethnicities, but I didn't find many.

If you have a name worth checking, please leave a comment below and I'll be happy to add her name here.

The census showed 16 states where the people who reported more than one race exceeded 200,000 or more. Each of those states reported a multiple-race population of 500,000 people or more. Maybe it’s the shade of your skin, the place you grew up, the accent in your words, the make up of your family, the gender you were born with, the intimate relationships you chose to have or your generation?