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Dating couples bible reading plan

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There is still a higher argument: Each time you serve sin you are "crucifying once again the Son of God . If you have fallen into any special sin during this day, it may be that my Master has sent this admonition this evening to bring you back before you have wandered very far. He has not forgotten His love for you; His grace is still the same.

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The Genesis account of creation makes it clear that God’s creation is “good” (Genesis ).Many couples feel the need to switch or spice things up in the marriage and have discovered that watching porn together increases their enjoyment of their sexual relationship. We know that lust is condemned in Scripture (Job 31:1; Matthew ), but if the sexual relationship is limited to a husband and wife, is it wrong?Watching pornography is a sin for many reasons and can present a lot of problems in your marriage, even when viewed with one’s spouse.Gold is beautiful to look at, but God clearly does not want His people worshiping it. God created it, and therefore it is reasonable to expect that it is good.But when man distorts it by ignoring God’s specific standards, it becomes harmful and destructive.Instead I’m referencing common arguments that take place within a marriage – forgetting to do things around the house, not remembering when it’s someone’s turn to complete a chore, or deciding not to attend a dinner party.

When you got married, you agreed to make this work and to never back down. If you’re constantly bringing up things that happened then that means you either don’t have a leg to stand on or haven’t found a real resolution to the problem at hand.

If seeing the nakedness of other people is requited to desire sex with one’s spouse, then that is lust.

To watch pornography is to invite sin into our bedrooms.

Transgression destroys peace of mind, obscures fellowship with Jesus, hinders prayer, brings darkness over the soul; therefore do not be the serf and slave of sin. and holding him up to contempt." Can you bear that thought?

When you have already been between the jaws of the lion, will you step a second time into his den? Did he not poison all your veins once, and will you play at the cobra's den and put your hand in the dragon's lair a second time? It is contrary to the designs of eternal love, which are all focused on your purity and holiness; therefore do not run counter to the purposes of your Lord. Christians can never sin cheaply; they pay a heavy price for iniquity.

But mankind has a history of distorting what God has made, whether out of ignorance or stubbornness.