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Dating excuse bad timing

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Despite writing about matters of the heart on a regular basis I wouldn't be arrogant enough to suggest that I haven't made mistakes myself in the past, why, it was only recently that I spent a good six months at the end of a relationship kidding myself that what I had was actually far more than it was.

Why stop at one person making you feel like crap when you could have two! F**k that, life's too short to feel good about yourself. I decided to explain, in simple terms, the one golden rule that should apply to all people uncertain about the relationship they are in. Would you allow a colleague to be nice to you 'most of the time'? So allowing a partner the luxury of picking and choosing when they feel like being nice, leaving you second guessing their mood and being grateful when they're having a good day.Meaning that, historically women are actually far better equipped emotionally to leave because a situation doesn't feel right, with no safety net to catch the fall. Yeah, they can be on their own but more often than not they'll jog along until you do the hard work for them and then find comfort in the nearest warm bosom elsewhere.So yes, he probably does like you, just like he's nice to you sometimes and 50% of the time doesn't get pissed off when you call round unannounced, if that's good enough for you, knock yourself out girlfriend.I don't know how many times I have said this and, Lord knows, it's through trial and error that I've come up with this beauty, but ...If a man has time to eat and shit he has time to text. A break up is shit, you feel like crap for a while, struggle to eat, struggle to sleep, have to stop yourself from hunting down the nearest smack head in rehab in a bid to have a conversation with somebody who can relate to the effects of drug withdrawal but it pass.I could continue with my list of lame-arsed excuses to stay in a bad relationship but the point I am trying to make is this - there are be part of the deal.

So Mary, sure, make your excuses and carry on as you are or open your eyes, and remind yourself that life is too short and the next time you find yourself using the expression 'sometimes nice to me' change it to 'not good enough thank you' ....

I have nothing to lose: I have time, (some) money and the world at my fingertips. See what happens and if it’s not meant to be, at least you can say you tried.

So no more fretting, no more expecting everything to be perfectly in place, no more blaming bad timing – just remaining positive for the future and going with the flow.

Barry had gone straight over to offer Oliver a blanket and Eddie knew that Barry and Oliver’s relationship – or was it a purely sexual arrangement? ” Oliver was halfway down the stairs when he heard this and he couldn’t stop his eyes darting over to Eddie, who was pouring wine at the dinner table.

– was meant to be a secret, but seeing the way Barry’s worried eyes followed Oliver’s every movement was a clear giveaway of how much he cared. Like, um, work stuff.” Barry was still working on hiding his secret identity with any grace. “I suppose this at least makes the night more interesting. Their eyes met, but no understanding passed between them. I think it’s the always being late and wanting to talk about the most recent addition of New Scientist that ruins it.” Iris laughed, but Eddie swallowed and had to resist the urge to go and ask Oliver Queen exactly what he thought he was doing leaving Barry with opinions like that about himself.

Many people, and I am guilty of it, think too much about the future and consequences, where things are going and constantly question whether or not what we’re doing is ‘right’.