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Dating gemini men

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You are not going to loose any thing out of it, if you don't tell your friends to no one is going to bully you. Met him during my Christmas vacation last year,everything went fast the last thing I know iam having a relationship with him.

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Learned my lesson very well.i am gemini and after 22 years my marriage is in a bad state for my wife (virgo) always critizing me that i talk too much about her to other people.In june i was living in bliss, our marriage was never so good, end of june i say one wrong word to her friend and now am living in hell.I was going to go on a speed date as horoscope predicted a chance to find the true love of my live (or ex-girlfriend) but with 2 kids I hold dear and still having alot of feelings for my wife I did not go.Allow the horoscope to offer such advice, to be a beacon of light amidst the uncertainty.It only takes five minutes to read, after which you can move on.In each situation there are variables that make it different, just like each person is different. everyone are just too idiotic these days and thats why intellegent people are leading to suicide but a higher level thn that is just live and be more patient guys dont damage urselves whats the fucking point. If you are looking for honesty within others, look elsewhere.

Not all gemini's have exact characteristics of Gemini profiles. If u wanna kill urself kill urself but let me tell u this life still goes on... There are plenty of other signs in the universe that will treat you with love, respect and kindness on a consistent level.

In horoscope, the enigmatic planet Mercury represents the intellectual abilities.

The ruler of the celestial trade ways is a symbol for the mind, perception.

He will talk bad things about me to friends and family and come home as if nothing is. I loved him so much but I realised that he won't change. It's been 5 days since we txt,heard frm my gf from philippines last night he was sitting in the bar with 2 young girls and the other one was kind'a intimate with him.

I don't know how to move on , I don't know what to do, I don't deserve this anyone pls helpyes i T was stupid and totally over .

Also by some divine intervention my wife called me to get some food, so I missed the appointment. wow horoscope did say life with a virgo is difficult for a gemini (also for most other signs) but amazing to know that other gemini had same experiences.