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Dating girlfriend transition

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I mean, I can recall being 34 years old and actually feeling like I was in the prime of my life, which looking back I probably was.I had a great job, I worked out a lot and I felt and looked great.

So it wasn’t necessarily that I was older, it was possible that my body was slowing down its natural production of free testosterone.I am sure you know what I am talking about and maybe even feel the same frustration that I felt.I actually tried a couple of products (not to be named here), but frankly, they basically didn’t work for me and one of them actually made me feel even worse.Deep inside I was sure it was time to do something, so I started reading about what happens when men age.I had heard about women getting menopause, but I had no idea that men had the same response, but in this case, it’s a decline in testosterone, commonly known as andropause.He had been taking it for a few months and he was pleasantly surprised with his results *.

With us being approximately the same age, and knowing I was experiencing the same lack of energy, I decided to do more research.

And after looking around at most men my age, and even talking to a few longtime friends, it seemed that most people just decided that this was normal and they were just going to accept it and move on. I wasn’t ready to just move on the corresponding lack of energy, stamina, and even libido. Obviously, I would never feel like I did in my 20s and 30s, but I wasn’t ready to feel like an old man either.

I mean, being over 40 didn’t mean I had to let myself feel old or stop doing things that I enjoyed doing.

So I took a chance and ordered my own three-month supply to give it an honest and fair trial.

I’ve been using it for eight weeks now and I have to say I am very happy with my results.

You hear about so many horror stories of people permanently damaging their bodies, and I wanted to find a natural and most importantly, safe solution to my lack of energy, stamina, and libido.