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Dating in college advice

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There is no easy way of doing this so just go right ahead and ask.

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But according to University of Utah development psychologist Lisa Diamond, it’s not that simple.Suddenly it dawns upon you – [showmyads] Approximately 60% of Americans believe in love at first sight and over 50% say they have experienced it (Buri, 2010).Reality, however, is often far removed from the scenes of the typical .Here, we’re taking a closer look at how you can [...]A recently conducted study has shown that a majority of college students, about 79% of them actually don’t adequately prepare themselves for the job market since they didn’t have the prerequisite skills to ensure that they would be shoe-ins in [...]By the time you have left college, you will feel like you deserve a well-earned rest.Assuming you have worked hard over the last 3-4 years – or more – the chances are that you have done well, and are [...]If you know you want to be a lawyer, the work doesn’t start in law school. There are several ways you can prepare for a bright legal future before ever stepping foot in law [...]Your dorm room is your first home away from home.A first glimpse into apartment life, dorm life can be full of independence, cool roommates, and more.

On the other hand, it can also come with a lot of restrictions.

While enjoying the outing, approach your crush with light conversation and see how he/she reacts to you.

If you find the chemistry compelling enough and continue to work on it, you might find yourselves heading towards biology.

However, one of the most rewarding careers of all is becoming a nurse.

Becoming Read Full Article →Whether you’re a first-time vaper or someone who is experienced when it comes to electronic cigarettes, choosing the right e-liquid for you or your tastes isn’t necessarily a simple process.

After a series of follow-up interviews with a group of women over the course of a decade, Diamond stated “most females identified themselves as non-heterosexual, but several reported falling in love with, and developing sexual desire for, individual men in their lives” (Munsey, 2007).