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Dating sim review

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On my white review unit, the black border between the panel and bezel is fairly prominent, and the corner curves aren’t perfectly circular.It’s a small issue, but once you’ve noticed it, it’s hard to forget.

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Is the Vivoactive 3 the ultimate smartwatch for fitness fans? Parents need to know that Episode -- Choose Your Story is a collection of interactive stories written either by the editorial team or by users themselves.Before beginning, users must attest to being 13 years of age or older.The LG V30 fixed many of the wrongs here, but there’s hope the LG G7 will go one better.Related: MWC 2018 Rather than the typical 16:9 aspect ratio seen on almost every other smartphone, LG has opted for an 18:9 ratio display (basically 2:1) that provides a taller panel in a smaller body.Related: Best LG G6 deals The other issue is black bars.

Remember when Apple switched the i Phone from a 4-inch to a 5-inch screen?

For instance, videos from You Tube – which are almost universally 16:9 – have black bars on either side, and media from Amazon’s Prime app has one large bar running along the bottom.

Using software trickery it is possible to extend video in certain apps – Netflix, for example – so that films take up most of the screen.

The app's privacy policy details the kinds of information collected and shared.

To read the privacy policy in full, visit EA's official website.

It led to months (maybe years) of apps not fitting the display properly, with many requiring thick black bars at the top and bottom to work.