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We’ll talk about how you can forego the time consuming, expensive and often painful process of building a strategic plan through a simplified process called the “one-page” plan.Our goal for you…an actionable, simple, living, strategic plan that you will really use to take steady consistent steps towards your company’s growth, sustainability and profitability.

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She chooses “Bicycle Guy” (who from the looks of his video might actually be in love with his bike), gears up in hot pink Spandex, and pedals across town to meet him at Sea Merchant. She goes home (it’s pre-cell phones), only to discover “Bicycle Guy” making popcorn with her roommate.For forty-three years, Hallwalls has supported the creation and presentation of new work by artists of every ethnicity, age, and gender.On May 31, 2018, Hallwalls presents an art auction featuring forty internationally and regionally acclaimed artists. Donating artists include Bruce Adams, Laylah Ali, Jozef Bajus, Roberley Bell, Jeremy Boyle & Mark Franchino, Kyle Butler, Ellen Carey, Jay Carrier, Carlo Cesta, Charles Clough (a Hallwalls founder), Jim Dine, Laurel Farrin, Erin Finley, Pam Glick, Wayne Gonzales, Frederick Hayes, George Afedzi Hughes, Richard Huntington, Jacob Kassay, David Kramer, Mark Lavatelli, Joan Linder, Robert Longo (a Hallwalls founder), Michael Mararian, Frank Mc Cauley, Jillian Mc Donald, Ruben Ochoa, John Opera, Tony Oursler, Joseph Piccillo, Joshua Reiman, Gary Sczerbaniewicz, Katherine Sehr, Guy Richards Smit, Michael Snow, Betty Tompkins, virocode, Adam Weekley, Jacqueline Welch, Katarina Wong. for registration and an hour-long preview of the artworks; the live auction begins promptly at 8 pm.Artworks can also be viewed on the Hallwalls website.The open bar includes signature cocktails, champagne, wine, and beer with mixologists Buffalo Bar Biddies behind the bar.In either case, the writing is original to Buffalo Rising. for a live webinar with CEL’s Executive Director, Tom Ulbrich.

*Note May’s date change due to Memorial Day Thursday, May 31st, 2018 @ a.m.

Webinar #5: “Why Most Businesses Are Lost and Drifting Aimlessly” Description: Way too many businesses are caught in the day to day “fire fights” of running their business.

Through sheer determination and a little bit of luck they survive, but they never thrive. This month’s webinar will focus on the need for every business to have a roadmap pointed to a clearly defined destination, a strategic plan.

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until 7, guests can sip and mingle á la Millionaire Matchmaker.