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Upon 375 it was totally destroied by goonn tribes and never restored again.By IXth century Russians started to appear there with a great deal of interest.

It grew rapidly after the opening of its port in 1834 and was a major grain-exporting center throughout the 19th cent. Dimitry has begun in 1761 in the site of the present-day Rostov-on-Don.Those events are very nicely described in a "The Word about Regiment of Igor" and I recommend to read this manuscript translated into many languages and published.In 1224 the land saw a great fight between Russians and Tatars.Tatar's power was suspended only after 1380 when Dmitry Donskoy, the Great Prince of Russia, had won a battle on the Kulikovo field.Being owners of the land Tatars allowed trade there since it would be totally stupid not to -- geographical location of the region is unique.Russians had lost on banks of a river that is now known as Kalmius.

In 13 years the second Tatar invasion occured which was a beginnig of the most terrible period in Russia's history.

At least Homer refers to this land in his "Odyssey" and "Iliada", although most of that knowlege were vague and is something like a tale: Greeks only started to explore there.

Herod, the first among "serious" historians, visited Don steppes and gave a very precise description.

There are a permanent archeological station there, a museum and several other very nice things like old university's observatory and bio-station for students majoring in biology.

For the detailed information, please, see the pages on the Rostov University WWW server.

It is a major port and rail hub and an important industrial, cultural, and scientific center.