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When I got back David still tried to get more money. I sent in a IC3 report to the FBI Name: boadu Aka: unknown Age: 50 Location: wasington USA Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: doc.frankdavid On web sites: chatting Report: last march 11(monday)2013,he was invited me that was on skype & we chat for just few days ,after that day,many of them came to my way but its obviously that only one person who is behind of those 5 images,,,i've chat Gen.michael.miller (45)y/o a military frm florida but i did blocked him,,davidrodriguez(53)y/o a doctor frm USA,,john.mark20 (45)y/o frm Canada a sailormen ,,,michael.dubie49 (53)y/o a LT. or ajutant in vermont,,and gen.william.caldwell (54)y/o a miltary frm USA. I think in the back of my mind he is scamming other people.

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Our first phone conversation was on March 4, 2013 and our last was July 7, 2013. He was always concerned about where my daughter was at. I would want us to continue this conversation further through my e mail, send your response to [email protected], so i can send you an email with some of my pics and we can talk more better online on yahoo messenger. He has numerous profiles on FB View scammer's photos Name: Anthony Brett Aka: unknown Age: 51 Location: Phoenix, AZ and Berlin, Germany Address: unknown Phone: 447024045055, 6234289213, 8016095572 Email: [email protected]; [email protected] web sites: Report: I met Anthony through Again David said he would pay me back once he got paid. He sent me a pic where he sloppily cut his wedding band and the leg of his son off. I tracked him to other websites where it shows him with a bunch of computers. View scammer's photos Name: Patrick Cook Aka: unknown Age: says 70 pictures are younger and different on vari Location: Dundee Ky, New Castle Delaware Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected], On web sites: Zoosk Report: Got in a message the following: llo, I am Patrick Cook i am a widower and i have been a widower for over 10yrs now. I have just only 1 lovely daughter and she is 15yrs old After the sudden and devastating death of my wife, Who was a wonderful, sweet and caring wife and mother.. We corresponded daily for more than a month when he first asked if I could send him some money. View scammer's photos Name: steve edward Aka: unknown Age: 55 Location: malaysia Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected] web sites: facebook Report: i was just about to submit this guy's report when i saw that he has been posted on the site already. i just wanna know if these 5 names mentioned are under w/ doc.frankdavid because gen.michael.miller was asked my account and password. Next Name: Christopher Smith Aka: Johnson Carter Age: 53 Location: from Jersey City, New Jersey, living as a soldier in Iraq Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: [email protected] web sites: Dating Cafe (Germany) Report: He sent me a message on 'Dating Cafe' (German dating site) We corresponded 1 week, no money was asked yet everything went too fast : 'I want to marry you' after 1 week; he always used the same sentences about love and friendship, as if he were reciting from a book; he repeated things he had told me the day before (bad memory); his English was sometimes good and sometimes very bad; he didn't answer questions about his job; there were too many deaths (unbelievable) in his family : his parents, his beloved wife, his best friend killed in war..I went deeper into the subject, he left the conversation View scammer's photos Name: Jon Felton Aka: Tim Daley Age: 38 Location: United Kingdom, Virginia, Canada Address: unknown Phone: Email: [email protected] web sites: Ok Cupid Report: I'm not sure what he was after.

He faked being English that I couldn't understand him on skype. Deposit the 10,000.00 into a Citizens Bank account.

I am with a client wait at the airport i will pick you up.

he is nothing but a scam so there is no doubt because he tried to rip me off some money too View scammer's photos Name: Alan Robertson Aka: unknown Alan Age: 49 Location: VA, USA Address: unknown Phone: 44 70 2401 9621 Email: [email protected] web sites: Report: This man has taken $1000 from me on the pretext of his project not being completed and wanting the money to close it and come over to me.

My ignorance is what landed me in this predicament.

I wish I had done my homework and educated myself before subscribing to the online dating site, Christian Mingle. So we talked for a week or so more, and then he said he loved me. So then it was I want to marry you and for me to move in with him.

I also transfered $100 of my personal money to a Bluebird account which he was named on and he withdrew. He also tried to have money deposited into my personal account but my bank stopped the deposit. It went to Bademosi Adekemi in Cincinnati Ohio 45239.