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(you know the list you’ve heard it many times).”…I have never denied that I have many prejudices against Bi-racial people and white people—despite that fact that I am, technically, Bi-racial and that my White Arab birth father was a great, great man who dedicated his life to the dismantling of “White Supremacy”. But my “prejudice” against Bi-racials and Whites is not what I…..REALLY….when I’m alone, topless in the mountain streams praying.

That is when I humbly SHUT MY MOUTH AND LISTEN so that I can LEARN more about what it means to be a black woman in America — and thereby understand more clearly what it means to be a member of the human family.Update: All six episodes have already aired in the U.K., but The Night Manager has only just premiered in the United States. With old favorites returning for another run, promising new shows arriving all the time, and entire seasons arriving on a variety of streaming services, how can you keep up?I've done my best to sort through every possible option and winnow it all down to the most interesting TV shows of 2016, so you can pick and choose the ones that most appeal to you.Insult is added to this injury when darker-skinned black women are uninvited or invisible in situations where light-skinned or biracial black women (whose physical features are closer to the “white ideal” of beauty) are welcomed to show off their “black” beauty.

If you need an example of this blatant disregard for the plentifully pigmented sisters among us, click here, or here, or here, or here, or here.

It is an extremely difficult to control SURVIVAL response that has nothing to with intelligence or morals or wisdom. If she is suffering from PTSD, I see no reason why her life’s work to restore THE ORIGINAL AFRICAN WOMAN to her rightful pedestal of dignity and respect should be diminished by it. An inter racially married white woman on that discussion board who called herself, “Moon,” had become the target of Kola’s rage when (among other things) she refused to acknowledge that white and light-skinned privilege exists at the expense of black women.

Among the many symptoms PTSD sufferers deal with are: Physical ailments with no apparent physical cause Sleeplessness Fear for their safety; always feeling on guard Feelings of shame, despair, or hopelessness. And now I wish, so much, that I hadn’t stayed with the bodies over night. From that night, when I could hear their blood going into the earth. Kola was trying to get Moon to realize that privilege and injustice are inseparable and that her white privilege had a cost that she simply chose not to acknowledge (which is another privilege).

I don’t agree with everything Kola says, but I don’t take what she says personally either. Show me proof that Kola’s BLACK SONS are held in HIGH REGARD by this supremacist society. And for EVERY BLACK BABY who will be shown and told (maybe by YOUR children) that they are NOT PERFECT EXACTLY AS THEY WERE CREATED.

I know she is “FIGHTING for her life…” Her fight to lift up black women does not diminish me…. The rights of all humans, regardless of skin color, to love and intermarry? They will be told that if their father had lain with a Scandinavian or an Asian or a Mexican or ANYTHING but their AFRICAN MOTHER they would be more beautiful or smarter or healthier or…

I get that people are offended by the sweeping negative generalizations she makes about the inhabitants of entire countries (especially since she so deeply and righteously resents the negative generalizations made about black women).