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Dr phil online dating episode

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Season 16, Episode 150May 15, 2018Teresa's daughters claim she's committing fraud, partying too hard, and meeting with random men.

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Marissa struggles to understand why her fiancé's family hates her.Season 16, Episode 132April 18, 2018A woman finds out that her boyfriend is still married to his first wife; a mother of three lost over 100 pounds, but her husband is no longer attracted to her; a man's 21-year-old fiancée racks up a substantial debt. Season 16, Episode 129April 13, 2018A woman claims that her ex-boyfriend held her hostage, and now she wants to help his current fiancée.Season 16, Episode 130April 16, 2018John Ludwick, who claims to have helped hide the body of missing teenager Natalee Holloway, was stabbed to death in Florida after he reportedly attempted to kidnap 23-year-old Emily Heistand. However, her ex claims that she is lying because he dumped her.Daniel has had enough of being caught in the middle.Season 16, Episode 153May 18, 2018Danuta claims John sexually abused their children and accuses him of domestic violence.Season 16, Episode 144May 9, 2018Parents are worried about their 17-year-old daughter, who has become a belligerent, violent, school-skipping teen ever since finding out that her mother was having an affair with her father's best friend.

Season 16, Episode 142May 7, 2018A woman claims that a reality star has been stalking, harassing, and blackballing her from the entertainment industry; however, the reality star claims that the woman is actually stalking her. Phil continues his conversation with the woman who went to prison and her sister, who was given legal custody over her daughters for the duration of her sentence.

Season 16, Episode 155May 22, 2018Jillian claims she created a juice that can cure any disease and illness.

Angie claims the juice has cured her daughter's ADD/ADHD and lessened the severity of her 4-year-old son's autism.

Brigitte also claims the juice has cleared up her psoriasis.

However, Karin and Mikki claim Jillian's juice gave them violent diarrhea and caused both of them to have a stroke.

They share their story and a desperate plea for Catherine to return home. Phil continues his conversation with a young woman whose eating disorder puts her weight at 75 pounds.