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Dropbox not updating windows 7

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Much of it is geared at helping Windows users on i Phone, i Pad or Android find their way with Microsoft services on each respective platform.What the Phone Companion app can also do is help you to quickly import your entire photo library from your phone to your computer.

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To get your photos from One Drive onto your Windows 10 device you'll first need to tell it to sync the right folder.Unlike with Android phones, for example, the i Phone doesn't allow you to access anything but your photos through File Explorer. You can either open File Explorer and find your i Phone listed under "Devices and drives" or by clicking "Transfer other files" in the Phone Companion app. Once you've clicked on your i Phone you'll see the "DCIM" folder that houses all your photos.From here it's a simple case of drag and drop to move the files onto your PC.When it opens you'll see the screen above, with some Microsoft apps and services above some information about your phone.For what we want here you'll need to seek out the "Import photos and videos into the Photos app" option highlighted.We'll focus on these for the purposes of this guide, but many of the same steps may apply to your chosen cloud service.

What's also great about each of these services is that your photos can upload to the cloud in the background and then, providing you're syncing those folders to your PC, they'll just appear. For Dropbox and One Drive, first go into the Settings in the i OS apps and ensure you have camera backup turned on to take advantage of this.

So this is a perfect method if you just want to dump everything at once.

If you don't want to do a blanket import (or, even if you do) there's File Explorer at your disposal.

Before Dropbox, file sharing and sync was geeky and confusing, so it's no wonder that it quickly became the folder over the past few years, and haven't dug into or its mobile apps, you might be in for a surprise.

Behind Dropbox's simplicity are sophisticated tools that let you back up your photos, edit documents online, roll back time, and secure your files from prying eyes.

For a full guide on how to get set up and syncing your Dropbox folders check out the link below.