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Elsword updating client

elsword updating client-40

Exited Elsword, waited for the backup popup then made sure JPatcher was properly closed and not hiding in the task manager. Ran JPatcher, hit patch japanese..waited, got patch complete popup and bam.. it went through the whole patch process all over again and let me play. but I apparently have to reboot each time when I want to play with Japanese voices @[email protected] I do not understand..Yeah I checked the task manager to make sure it was closed. Last night when I went to bed I shutdown the computer.

When done playing, exit game and wait for it to apply the backup.So basically this is like an Upgraded version of Shiyumi's and Manuss' voice patchers.The only difference is JPatcher comes with built in sound files downloader for all Languages and it works on all Elsword clients (except for Elsword KR).Heduck [EIS]Venipa Thex Sorrow Ngehe731 zenplay Choco Brandx () -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • 2015-07-15 v4.1 BETA - I made many performance changes to the code, so please report if you find anything wrong. If you don't want g Patcher to execute the launcher automatically, check the box below the "Apply patch and play Elsword" button and bypass.- [Fix] Zip errors - [New] Lu/Ciel & emoticon (F5~F8) voice files for all servers added. Elsword IN got it's own voice pack There's once a vote before the CBT begin that ask player for which voice pack they wanted for Elsword IN Between KR JP IN, JP voice win the vote but the *** not allowed the voice pack usage due to several reason so we ended with IN voicepack I can't quite understand your question but judging from what you typed, here are my answers (just guessing). If your question is still not answered by those please ask again but with a more clear definition of what you are asking. The patcher can tell user the patcher version add option to update the patcher if there's an update from the patcher creator.

User can choose to update (or not) so they don't need to check this forum for new patcher every time there's an update 2.

"Don't run the launcher (web-login needed)": check it if your Elsword version can only be opened from its website. Image: Like checking if the custom voice files are outdated?

"Block log files": blocks the creation of the files "Crash_Screen Shot.jpg" and "log.htm". That's a good idea, but there probably won't be a function like that.

There is no need to install it inside the Elsword folder.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Explore the other settings if you want, but it's optional.

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