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Energy bill mandating 36 billion

energy bill mandating 36 billion-88

In San Diego County, conservation mandates drove down consumption more than 10%.

About 200 million people are infected with dysentery, 20 million of whom are seriously ill.Sustainability Water Agriculture & Forests Agriculture Alternatives Energy, Oil Natural Gas Energy Alternatives Third World Energy Minerals/Phosphate Overconsumption Sprawl Carrying Capacity Exploitation Shortsightedness Solutions Eco-Economy Sustainbility Links Sustainability News Sustainability Headlines The World Water Forum begins in mid-March in Japan.Although the main interest of the 10,000 participants is water scarcity, they will indirectly be discussing food scarcity, since 70% of the world's fresh water is used for irrigation.A study has shown that it is possible to reduce the number of incidents by 77%, through water and sanitation interventions.The average distance undertaken by African and Asian women and children to gain access to water is approximately six kilometres.Some water providers also are proceeding with rules to increase the number of individual meters in apartments, where residents typically pay a flat rate for water and don't know how much they use.

The Governor and lawmakers are aiming for legislation that would pay for building reservoirs and restore the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, the main waterway from the north to the south.

These aquifers are inexorably being depleted in ways that are "largely invisible, historically recent, and growing fast", and "the near-simultaneous depletion of aquifers means that cutbacks in grain harvests will ... The water tables of China, India, Pakistan, Mexico and Yemen are dropping by 1 to 3 meters per year, as are those of the US, especially in the southern Great Plains where "thousands of farms ... Since one ton of grain requires 1000 tons of water, this water deficit will cross international borders in the form of increasing grain prices worldwide.

"Importing grain is the most efficient way to import water".

Other legislation would force owners of most residential and commercial real estate built before 1994 to bring plumbing up to current requirements for water conservation.

This measure could trim use in those homes and buildings by 35%.

Provision of drinking water is expensive and difficult.