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Ethics of dating a coworker

Consider the pros and cons of both before determining how to handle it.Career Implications Be aware of how executives in your firm might view office romances and whether this might affect your career.

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That constant reminder of a relationship that didn't work out is a painful burden to bear, and it can affect how well you are able to do your job, which is the main, if not sole, reason we're employed in the first place. You spend most of your 24-hour day at the office, so as a young professional, it’s natural you would meet, and be attracted to, a colleague.A February 2012 survey by Career found that 38 percent of people dated someone from their office and 31 percent married someone with whom they worked. Possibly, but if so, how would you handle some of the more-sensitive issues related to dating a co-worker?You spend more time in the office than virtually anywhere else, so you have plenty of opportunities to meet colleagues and learn more about them while on the job.You also get to see a person daily so you will have a pretty good sense of his or her character.The Bad When you date a colleague, the fact that you are in frequent contact may not be beneficial to your relationship.

Habits you thought endearing may become grating if you are exposed to them 24x7.

The implications for the workplace are this: The odds against an office romance succeeding are just slightly better than what you'd find at the worst casino in Las Vegas.

When you lose at roulette or keno, though, you're out only a couple of bucks (if you're smart), and that's the end of it.

Not many, I suspect, and it would be rather odd if that weren't so.

After all, it is only through experience that we discover what we are looking for in a partner and what we ourselves need to do to make a relationship successful.

At work, we get to know people better than we can in bars, on the Internet, or even through a blind date set up by well-meaning friends and family members.