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Fort worth accommodating lens

It allows vision at far, intermediate and near distance.

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TRULIGN™ is designed to provide the broadest possible range of vision for astigmatism patients after cataract surgery.For distance vision, the lens rests back in the eye.It flexes forward to accommodate for intermediate vision.The lens design includes a hinge that allows the lens to flex forward and backward based on gentle contraction of the ciliary muscle.Your eye is able to make this flexing movement subconsciously.Standard IOLs are "fixed" within the eye and correct vision at a single focus (usually distance).

Multifocal lenses, first introduced in 1998, add near vision to the picture but also neglect the intermediate field of vision.

And, until now, this field of vision that has become the most important for today's active Boomers was severely compromised.

As it turns out, we live most of our "visual lives" in the intermediate range of distance between 26 and 32 inches.

The Crystalens® IOL is the clear choice for patients seeking to not only preserve their intermediate vision, but have a continuous range of vision: Key-Whitman Eye Center is proud to offer one of the latest, most innovative lens implants on the market: the TRULIGN™ Toric IOL.

If you have cataracts and astigmatism, this intraocular lens can correct both problems at the same time, providing you with excellent far and intermediate vision and some near vision after cataract surgery.

This flexing action is performed by the ciliary muscle in the eye.