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And the prediction, when the film came out 12 years ago, was that it was going to lose at least £60 million at the box office.

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'By then, they'll be ready to see it for the third time - just to enjoy it - then a fourth time to savour the full experience.' Certainly, the Hollywood executives who bankrolled this sci-fi juggernaut laden with 3D effects are hoping that Cameron's optimism is well placed.The film's production designer, Rick Carter, says the created reality is vital to the success of the film.'The real challenge is whether you feel the emotion coming through from the characters.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.The story of Avatar - the new film from Titanic director James Cameron, and reputedly the most expensive ever made - will ring true to anyone who has ever felt so much as a twinge of guilt about their own carbon footprint.The final effect is said to be so convincing that you could be looking at actors in make-up rather than digitally created beings.

And every scene had to be shot twice on 3D cameras to make the film work in three dimensions.

It is the 22nd century and Earth has run out of its natural resources.

It is now little more than a desert, without vegetation, wildlife or minerals.

This 'live action' epic is about two-thirds computer generated and one-third real, and uses the most advanced motion capture technology.

There are only 37 cast members - all unknowns except for Sigourney Weaver - but there is a roll-call of thousands of digitally-created characters.

'It took me a while to grasp what I was getting into, but then I realised no one has ever made a fantasy film like this before.' Cameron himself is convinced cinema-goers will want to see it at least four times - hopefully quadrupling its box office potential.