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Thank you everyone for caring, sharing and posting Hot comments for me.I do so love hearing from everyone and get horny and more wet reading some of the stuff everyone post.

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He would talk to us bouncers and we would point horny guys leaving strip club to that boxvan with that cum stian mattress.Always in heals stockings and nothing else U would just lay on that bed and fuck couple hours a night with pleasure and loud fucking just lovng it.I have never ever see a woman have so much fun giving strangers fuck her one after another all with never condom. Just lay there letting guys fuck U smoke some pot and fuck more guys.So high so horny with cum all over U but U was so happy.Just always laughing smiling and looking for just one more guy to fuck before U boyfriend got U home probably before U real husband came home. U such a completly out of control Whore but U was so fun for everyone 4 years. I am way behind on messages and just enjoying life in general.WARNING TO ALL : If you Stalk me or mess with me you will be the one paying the price after another incident.

So I have this weirdo who has been following me and sending me like a million creepy messages and stuff.

From inmates to officers and nurses to handymen, we will give you detailed biographies on them all.

We'll also take an in-depth look at members of the Prisoner crew who helped bring the series to life.

Prisoner's first Top Dog has worked on stage and screen since her Wentworth days, most recently touring with 'Grease is the Word' in Australia.

She returned to the UK in 2016 for sold out fan events. The work involved in redeveloping our website is much greater than we originally expected, and time is a major factor as the fan club team all have full time jobs.

read this Profile views: 509788 Fanbase: 14733 About Me Hi Everyone, I am NOT on Twitter or Facebook and if you see me there, FAKES! Signed up: 7 years and 7 months ago Images viewed: 8745 Images uploaded: 2412 Gender: Female Sexual orientation: Bisexual Birth: 12/10/1983 Location: United States Last Online: 5 months and 4 days ago It's funny because I've just been lazy and haven't shaved my pussy.