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Are you planning a trip or preparing for a chat or online meeting? We work hard to make certain the time and information presented here on World Time is accurate and do our best to keep up with Daylight Saving Time rules and Time Zone changes for every country, not just the changes that affect Hong Kong.

- 13/02/2004 Section 88 - Copies of instruments creating charges to be kept by company - 30/06/1997 Section 89 - Company's register of charges - 30/06/1997 Section 90 - Right to inspect copies of instruments creating mortgages and charges and company's register of charges - 30/06/1997 Section 91 - Application of Part III to company incorporated outside Hong Kong - 30/06/1997 Section 92 - Registered office of company - 13/02/2004 Section 93 - Publication of name of company - 09/06/2000 Section 94 - Adequacy of certain descriptions of companies - 30/06/1997 Section 95 - Register of members - 13/02/2004 Section 95A - Statement that company has only one member - 13/02/2004 Section 96 - Index of members of company - 30/06/1997 Section 97 - Provisions as to entries in register in relation to share warrants - 30/06/1997 Section 98 - Inspection of register of members - 30/06/1997 Section 98A - Consequences of failure to comply with requirements as to register owing to agent's default - 30/06/1997 Section 99 - Power to close register of members and register of debenture holders - 30/06/1997 Section 100 - Power of court to rectify register - 30/06/1997 Section 101 - Trusts not to be entered on register - 30/06/1997 Section 102 - Register to be evidence - 30/06/1997 Section 103 - Power of company to keep branch register - 13/02/2004 Section 104 - Regulations as to branch register - 30/06/1997 Section 105 - (Repealed 31 of 1981 s.With technology advancing in a rapid pace, the use of robots to convenience parts of our daily lives are becoming more and more common.The Lego Mindstorm extra-curricular activity (ECA) gives our students a hands-on approach in assembling and programming a variety of commands for their robots.74 ) - 30/06/1997 Section 113 - Convening of extraordinary general meeting on requisition - 01/07/2000 Section 114 - Length of notice for calling meetings - 11/11/1999 Section 114A - General provisions as to meetings and votes - 13/02/2004 Section 114AA - Quorum where company has only one member - 13/02/2004 Section 114B - Power of court to order meeting - 30/06/1997 Section 114C - Proxies - 30/06/1997 Section 114D - Right to demand a poll - 30/06/1997 Section 114E - Voting on a poll - 30/06/1997 Section 115 - Representation of companies at meetings of other companies and of creditors - 01/04/2003 Section 115A - Circulation of members' resolutions, etc.- 13/02/2004 Section 116 - Special resolutions - 30/06/1997 Section 116A - Restriction on alteration of articles to improve director's emoluments - 30/06/1997 Section 116B - Written resolutions of companies - 01/07/2000 Section 116BA - Duty to notify auditors of proposed written resolution - 01/07/2000 Section 116BB - Written resolutions: supplementary provisions - 01/07/2000 Section 116BC - Written record where company has only one member - 13/02/2004 Section 116C - Resolutions requiring special notice - 30/06/1997 Section 117 - Registration and copies of certain resolutions and agreements - 13/02/2004 Section 118 - Resolutions passed at adjourned meetings - 30/06/1997 Section 119 - Minutes of proceedings of meetings and directors - 30/06/1997 Section 119A - Place where minute book is to be kept and notice of change of place - 30/06/1997 Section 120 - Inspection of minute books - 30/06/1997 Section 121 - Keeping of books of account - 30/06/1997 Section 122 - Profit and loss account and balance sheet - 30/06/1997 Section 123 - General provisions as to contents and form of accounts - 01/12/2005 Section 124 - Obligation to lay group accounts before holding company - 30/06/1997 Section 125 - Form of group accounts - 30/06/1997 Section 126 - Contents of group accounts - 01/12/2005 Section 127 - Financial year of holding company and subsidiary - 01/12/2005 Section 128 - Particulars to be shown in company's accounts in relation to subsidiaries - 01/12/2005 Section 129 - Particulars to be shown in company's accounts in relation to companies not being subsidiaries whose shares it holds - 13/02/2004 Section 129A - Particulars to be shown in subsidiary company's accounts in relation to its ultimate parent undertaking - 01/12/2005 Section 129B - Signing of balance sheet - 13/02/2004 Section 129C - Accounts to be annexed, and auditors' report to be attached, to balance sheet - 04/01/2002 Section 129D - Directors' report to be attached to balance sheet - 01/12/2005 Section 129E - Directors' report to show, for items included under authority of proviso to section 141C corresponding amounts for preceding financial year - 30/06/1997 Section 129F - Penalization of failure by directors to secure compliance with requirements of sections 129D and 129E - 04/09/1998 Section 129G - Right to receive copies of balance sheets and directors' and auditors' reports - 04/01/2002 Section 130 - (Repealed 6 of 1983 s.Hong Kong Financial Secretary Henry Tang suggests that issuing renminbi-denominated financial bonds in Hong Kong will reinforce its banking status.

Monetary Authority Chief Executive Joseph Yam has also commented on this issue.

Interpretation Registrar to Specify Forms References to Parent Company Forming Incorporated Company Requirements to Memorandum Powers of a Company Power Limited by Memorandum Exclusion of Deemed Notice Signature of Memorandum Memorandum Alteration Alteration of Objects Regulations for Companies Regulations for Unlimited Company Adoption and Application of Table A Printing and Signature of Articles Alteration of Articles Statutory Forms of M & AA Registration of M & AA Effect of Registration Power of Company to Hold Lands Certificate of Incorporation Unlimited Companies Reregistration Company Name Restrictions Power to Dispense Change of Name Company's Misleading Name Specification of Names Index of Company Names Effect of Memorandum & Articles Companies Limited by Guarantee Alterations in Memorandum & Articles Power to Alter Conditions Copies of Memorandum & Articles Issued Copies of Memorandum Definition of Member Membership of Holding Company Meaning of Private Company Private Company Privileges Form of Contracts Pre-incorporation Contracts Bills of Exchange & Promissory Notes Execution of Deeds Abroad Power to Have Official Seal Authentication of Documents Dating of Prospectus Specific Requirements Exemption from Compliance Advertisements on Prospectuses Publishing Guildelines by Commission Expert's Consent Registration of Prospectus One Document Prospectus More Than One Document Prospectus Submission of Certified Copies Civil liability for Misstatements Criminal Liability for Misstatements Right to Damages and Compensation Offer of Shares or Debentures Interpretation of Provisions Prohibition of Allotment: Subscription Prohibition of Allotment: Statement Effect of Irregular Allotment Applications for Shares & Debentures Allotment of Shares and Debentures Return as to Allotments Power to Pay Commissions Financial assistance prohibited Definitions Transactions not prohibited by 47A Restriction for Listed Companies Section 47A for Unlisted Companies Statement Under Section 47E Special Resolution Under Section 47E Financial assistance under section 47E Offering Shares to the Public Premiums on Issue of Shares Merger Relief Relief of Group Reconstructions Provisions to Sections 48C and 48D Relief from Section 48B Power to Issue Redeemable Shares Financing of Redemption Company Power to Purchase Shares Requirements for Listed Company Payments Apart From Purchase Price Authority for Purchase Authority for Purchase Contract Assignment of Right to Purchase Shares Disclosure of Share Purchase Capital Redemption Reserve Power to Redeem Shares out of Capital Availability of Profits Conditions for Payment out of Capital Procedure for Special Resolution Publicity for Proposed Payment Objections by Company's Members Powers of Court on Application Effect of Company's Failure to Redeem Power to Modify Certain Sections Transitional Cases: Sections 49 to 49S Definitions for Sections 49 to 49R Power to Issue Shares at a Discount Arrangement for Amounts Paid on Shares Reserve Liability of Limited Company Power to Alter Share Capital Share Capital Consolidation Notice of Increase of Capital Reserve Share Capital on Re-registration Power of Company to Pay Interest Non Voting Shares Approval for Allotment of Shares Validation of Shares Improperly Issued Resolution for Share Capital Reduction Application for Confirming Order Order Confirming Reduction Registration of Order Registration of Special Resolution Liability of Members Concealing Name of Creditor Variation of rights Rights of Shareholders Documents on Shareholder Rights Nature of Shares Numbering of Shares Transfer not to be Registered Transfer by Personal Representative Registration of Transfer Notice of Refusal to Register Transfer Certification of Transfers Issue of Certificates Certificate to be Evidence of Title Replacement of Lost Certificate Evidence of Grant of Probate Share Warrants to Bearer Official Seals for Share Certificates Making Compensation for Losses Register of Debenture Holders Provision of Instrument Register of Debenture Holders Meetings of Debenture Holders Liability of Trustees Perpetual Debentures Power to Re-issue Redeemed Debentures Contracts to Subscribe for Debentures Payment of Certain Debts Interpretation Certain Distributions Prohibited Restriction on Distribution of Assets Exemption of Certain Companies Realised Profits of Insurance Company Distribution to Be Justified Last Annual Accounts Requirement for Interim Accounts Requirements for Initial Accounts Method of Applying Section 79F Treatment of Assets Distributions in Kind Consequences of Unlawful Distribution Saving for Provision in Articles Application to Certain Companies Saving for Other Distribution Restraints Registration of Charges Charges Created by the Company Charges Existing on Property Charges to be Kept by Registrar Entries of Satisfaction Extension of Time for Registration Appointment of Receiver or Manager Copies of Instruments Company's Register of Charges Right to Inspect Instrument Copies Application of Part III Registered Office of Company Publication of Name of Company Adequacy of Certain Descriptions Register of Members Company Statement Index of Members of Company Entries in Register to Share Warrants Inspection of Register of Members Failure to Comply with Requirements Power to Close Register of Members Power of Court to Rectify Register Trusts not Entered on Register Register to be Evidence Keeping Branch Register Regulations as to Branch Register Registers of Oversea Companies Company Annual Return General Provisions: Annual Returns Certificates Sent by Private Company Annual General Meeting Extraordinary General Meeting Notice for Calling Meetings Meetings and Votes Quorum: One Company Member Power of Court to Order Meeting Proxies Right to Demand a Poll Voting on a Poll Representation of Companies Circulation of Members' Resolutions Special Resolutions Restriction on Alteration of Articles Written Resolutions of Companies Duty to Notify Auditors Written Resolutions: Supplementary Written Record Resolutions Requiring Special Notice Certain Resolutions and Agreements Resolutions at Adjourned Meetings Minutes of Proceedings of Meetings Place to Keep Minute Book Inspection of Minute Books Keeping of Books of Account Profit and Loss Account Contents and Form of Accounts Obligation to Lay Group Accounts Form of Group Accounts Contents of Group Accounts Financial Year of Holding Company Particulars in Relation to Subsidiaries Companies not being Subsidiaries Subsidiary Company's Accounts Signing of Balance Sheet Accounts and Auditors' Report Directors' Report Proviso to Section 141C Sections 129D and 129E Right to Receive Copies Appointment & Removal of Auditors Supplementary Provisions Powers of Auditors False Statements to Auditors Disqualifications: Auditor Appointment Resignation of Auditor Right of Auditor who Resigns Auditor's Report and Rights Construction of References Restrictions on Financial Reports Notices of Intent Relevant Dates Duties of Listed Companies Financial Reports not to be Sent Form and Contents of Reports Prohibition Orders Compliance with Section 129G Requirements as to Accounts Investigation of Company Affairs Company Affairs in Other Cases Power of an Inspector Documents on Investigation Delegation of Powers by Inspector Power to Call for Director's Accounts Inspector's Report Extension of Secretary's Powers Proceedings on Inspector's Report Expenses of Investigation Inspector's Report to be Evidence To consolidate and amend the law relating to companies.

[1 July 1933] (Originally 39 of 1932 (Cap 32 1950)) - Long title - 30/06/1997 Section 1 - Short title - 30/06/1997 Section 2 - Interpretation - 01/12/2005 Section 2A - Registrar to specify forms - 13/02/2004 Section 2B - Construction of references to parent company, etc. 3) - 30/06/1997 Section 4 - Mode of forming incorporated company - 13/02/2004 Section 5 - Requirements with respect to memorandum - 30/06/1997 Section 5A - Powers of a company - 30/06/1997 Section 5B - Power limited by memorandum, etc.

52) - 30/06/1997 Section 138 - (Repealed 68 of 1972 s.

52) - 30/06/1997 Section 139 - (Repealed 68 of 1972 s.

9) - 11/11/1999 Section 141B - (Repealed 30 of 1999 s.