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How do i stop wow from updating

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I still wanted to have such a list, so I decided to make it myself instead.

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Comments: Sacrificial Captives is a rather unusual ability, but the culture you acquire from killing enemy units can really add up in the long run.The double oil benefit is far more important than it might seem, but you will not notice it until the late game.Oil is a requirement for many of the stronger units in the late game, and allows you to field large numbers of carriers and bombers.Special Ability: Diplomatic Marriage: Pay 500 gold to Puppet or Annex an allied City-State. Unique Unit: Jaguar: Since the Jaguar replaces the Warrior, you receive this benefit immediately.Jaguars receive a combat bonus in Forests and Jungle, moves quicker through those and heals 25 damage when it defeats an enemy unit in battle.Arabia is still a decent trading nation purely due to the Bazaar and the prospect of Oil exports later in the game.

Special Ability: Treasures of Nineveh: When a city is conquered, steal a Technology from its owner. Assyria is made for conquest and has some of the best tools in-game to make said conquest happen fairly early in the game. 10% for only buildings), 25% great people generation. Comments: Diplomatic Marriage makes Austria and incredibly unique and dangerous opponent.

This normally takes a few upgrades, so this is a great unit for the early stages of the late game. This is a decent unit, but it’s obsolete quite quickly.

Unique Unit: Minuteman: Ignore terrain movement costs. Comments: America’s 1 sight for land units should not be underestimated when it comes to exploration or preventing Barbarians from spawning near your territory.

The B17 is fantastic when laying siege to cities, but doesn’t come into play until very late in the game.

The Minuteman can be useful for further exploration.

Obviously this unit is quickly obsolete, but it is a fantastic unit to start with.