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Is there a really dating site

Then, the very day after my membership expired, lo and behold, I'd get a notice that I had an email from someone.I fell for it the first time, paid again, then found that it was the site, with some drivel they'd sent. That said, I like POF's forums the best (due to the participants, and the moderators). I've met nice people here and in other places, but no mate yet, so I keep looking everywhere.

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I might try it again, when I feel like putting effort into dating again) You can search, post a profile, and email those you might be interested in.SO my question is, what is the best free dating sites out [email protected] aren't that many free sites and they are all basically the same.I'm having the exact same problem as any other guy on those sites.Girls don't really message you, and no matter how many you message you may get 1 reply but if you reply back with any type of message you wont get anything back 99.999% of the time.As one poster mentioned, it is free, and the questions are fun to answer, and gives you a better idea of who you might match with. Why would one go to jail just for striking up a convo?

Sounds so ridiculous, maybe if the girl is a minor, but even then I wouldn't think anything could happen unless sexual proposition made. But often people are less friendly and less trusting in more cosmopolitan area even if the numerical odds are greater. The internet is the best way to go if a person is relatively sharp and alert.

To my knowledge, POF here is the only site that really lets you use it for free, and that's the reason I stay.

The other ones claim "free", but that's only to post your profile and look at the other ones.

And most of the emails you receive are actually from the site that they sent you so you'd pay up, thinking you'd received a real email from a potential date.

What was really comical with is, I had a paid membership a couple of times, and would get nothing.

I don't advise that you rely on dating sites (free or paying) to find a matethere are few success stories and many dissapointments.