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In my dating guide, the chapters on Red Flags, Kissing, and Modesty may have had a little bit of crossover, but not much.It was easy to know which stories went in each chapter and which tips and dating rules to include in each.

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I will show an obsessively keen interest in every single aspect of your life, turning up when you least expect it, getting to know your family, friends , workmates, doctor, postman ...... I got bored with the same old, "normal" profile, as no-one seems to read it anyway.......let's see if this sparks your interest? Visit to a tattooist to have each other names permanently inscribed on our bodies. My favourite film is Fatal Attraction, I use it as my "dating guide".....very useful tips!Lorena Bobbitt is my idol.....inspiration to women everywhere!Overwhelmed by the amount of dating sites out there? I sign up for and experience the hottest and most popular online dating sites so you don’t have to.Whether you’re looking to have casual hookups or find true love, my reviews will cover everything you need to know.Not sure what you should do now that you've decided to "take it to the next level"? From your first moment on an online dating site to that steamy hookup or long-lasting relationship, and everything in-between, I will be here with advice to help you out.

This promise not only extends to the book as a whole, but also within chapters, and to be nitty gritty, the sub-headings as well.

The trickier part was making sure that the subheadings were always appropriate within each chapter.

Guidelines on how to navigate the engagement months didn’t boomerang to the promise given in the chapter called Confidence, and so on.

I want you to be as successful as possible without wasting your time or money!

Tired of trying to navigate the world of online dating?

Are you relating everything back to the specific topic at hand?