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Jack Antonoff recently took to Twitter to deny the rumors they're a couple.And on Thursday, Lorde, 21, repeated that sentiment, telling fans during an Instagram Live session that she and the 33-year-old Fun band member were not together.'Guys…

real escorte norge Tv2 hjelper deg kontakt erotiske jenter Gratis kontaktannonser sexy truser Har du enda ikke sikret ditt alias?Lorde wrapped her arms around the Fun band member at many points and they even strolled together arm-in-arm during their day on the town.The outing together came just a month after the musician shot down rumors they were dating.'Normally I would never address rumors but I resent having the most important friendships and working relationships in my life reduced to dumb hetero normative gossip,' he wrote on Twitter.Police have identified at least two photos they say could result in criminal charges.Penn State President Eric Barron said in a statement late Wednesday to the college community that it may be time to re-evaluate the entire fraternity system.Students and others demonstrate on the Penn State campus in support of women police say were depicted on Kappa Delta Rho fraternity's private Facebook pages, in State College, Pa. A protest scheduled for noon in front of the main administration building was designed to show support for the victims and urge school leaders to take stronger action, organizers said in fliers distributed around campus.

-- Penn State University students plan to demonstrate Friday against a fraternity accused of posting photos of nude or partly nude women, some asleep or passed out, on an invitation-only Facebook page.

My only question is - since it's said that planets shine and stars twinkle, it did seem that Pluto was flicking a bit. Something to do with the relatively low luminosity and greater length of space? The limit for the human vision is somewhere between magnitude 6 (widely accepted) and 8-ish (highly trained observers with perfect vision in ideal conditions using special techniques - and it's a bit controversial anyway). You have probably looked at it and you have even gotten its light in your eyes.

That little itty bitty shine just has no chance to make your retina do anything (edit: Interesting link in the comments.

5 mag difference mean 100 times dimmer, so Pluto is at least 10000 times less bright than many of the stars that you see in this image, let alone the two planets (Mars is about 26 times closer than Pluto atm.).

My guess is that you have seen Pi Sagittarii (HIP 94141) which would be 2.85 mag and lines up nicely with the planets.

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