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Online dating jealousy

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While your partner eventually waves them off, the sting remains.Most of us, even the most secure of us, will feel some jealousy. What makes us feel this distress even when our partner is just shown the opportunity for infidelity?

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The participants then rated how distressed they would be if they had come across these Facebook messages while snooping through their partner’s account in real life.From the days of IRC (Internet Relay Chat), to AOL chat rooms, instant messengers, online dating sites, Facebook, Skype, and online video games like MMORPG’s (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), we can see there are so many new mediums to connect to people that we never had the chance to before.But with this new technology also comes the opportunity to use it to explore prospects of infidelity.These evolutionary psychologists believe it is due to the threat of a person’s evolutionary fitness: men want to make sure their genes are passed on, and women want support and security in raising their children.New and advanced ways of interacting with people have been introduced ever since the dawn of the internet.(The women were actually more upset by the whole thought experiment in general.) They were also more upset by the other person contacting their partners, rather than the other way around.

Men were more upset at the idea of their partners sending a sneaky message to another person, rather than receiving one from someone else.

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One moment you’re casually dating someone and couldn’t care less if they are hanging out with other people; and then suddenly you start to wonder where they are and what they’re doing when they aren’t with you.

extra-marital relationships are facilitated by modern forms of media technology.” Prone to jealousy?

Here’s the case for staying away from your partner’s social media.

That’s how I remember talking to my crushes in high school. Now there’s Facebook messenger, the Instagram DMs, OKCupid, Tinder… As the internet has expanded, so have the ways we can talk to cuties online.