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Passion and potions dating service

Now get out of my sight."…---ooo000ooo---…Hermione was ensconced at her favorite table doing some last minute review prior to class the next day. Hermione couldn't decide if she pitied or envied her sister-wife.This was the seventh night since Daphne had married them and the compulsion was still with her.

No one keeps me from what is mine."Hermione's eyes flashed angrily. "Hermione you and Harry started to date at the beginning of the year, then at Halloween, you were suddenly with Mr. Dumbledore decides the Old Families won't tolerate the Chosen One being with a mudblood. Let us start with last year." Professor Mc Gonagall used a conjured tissue to clean her spectacles.The fact that you are both Gryffindors makes it even worse.If Harry decides to play Quidditch this year, you two are off the team, though if I know your team mates, and I do, you're probably off it now.If anyone else were telling this story, she would have dismissed it out of hand. It both amazed and amused him how the two women in his life would be so different, yet do so many of the same things. ""Professor Sprout needed some help with replanting a new nocturnal Clingvine. "Harry I need some advice.""What ever you need Nev, how can I help? " Harry giggled, uh chuckled in an extremely mature married head of house sort of way. Smooth I doubt Hermione was even aware of the list, and I doubt the Princess cared. ""I don't know, but I think you're going to find out.

No force on earth was going to get them out of bed early on the weekend. "Good Morning Harry."Harry noted Neville's clothing had a slight spattering of soil and leaves. "Neville reached into a pocket on the inside of his robes and pulled out a folded magazine. But wait ladies, don't mourn the loss of Lord Black/Potter too much, this reporter had discovered a bachelor that has somehow gone undiscovered, the new Lord Longbottom definitely deserves his place on the list, and look this week he makes his first appearance at number 7. What worries me is how Hannah is going to think about this? Here she comes."Neville's eyes got wide; he snatched the magazine away and stuffed it inside his robes.

Sirius had been free to chase Peter, and be framed, sent to Azkaban. Harry was the son of two of the few friends he had ever made, the Godson of the best friend of his life. This could not be good, and what with the stories of potion abuse flying about he knew what he discussion was going to be about."I have confirmed the potion rumors that are running rampant in the castle with both the Potters and the Headmaster. "Let me explain to the pair of you what is going to happen now.

He sent Harry to the Dursley's for 'protection', and allowed the child to be mistreated, over worked, and underfed. The two of you are going to stay away from the Potters. There will be no social mingling, no conversations over meals, nothing.

Her own passion for the man hadn't abated in the slightest.

He was gentle and considerate, so completely unlike…The confrontation with Ron was coming, she knew it.

The Potters have evoked full line protection privileges.