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He even gets angry when conversation turns to Fergie and Andrew’s unconventional living arrangements Philip has never forgiven Fergie for the damage she did to the dignity and reputation of the Royal Family through her well-publicized extramarital affairs, her desperate pursuit of money and shameless efforts to cash in on her royal connections, and her attempt to sell access to Prince Andrew to an undercover reporter from the .

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The moment the paper described was one of major-league shade. As the carriage moved off, racegoers said, the Prince actually twisted back in his seat to get another look at her, doing a very visible double-take to make it quite clear to the onlooking crowds that he couldn’t quite believe his eyes at the audacity of the woman who still insists on being called “Duchess” by strangers and staff (she saves the ‘call me Sarah’ stuff for Oprah).

If he had muttered, “What is that ghastly woman doing here?

Incidentally, Charles and William both share his loathing, to the extent that Fergie was not invited to the Royal Wedding.

Speculation that they may one day remarry continues to buzz, but the truth is that such a reunion could never happen while Prince Philip still has breath in his body.

The Queen, who has always taken an indulgent view of Andrew’s often wayward and peripatetic existence, waved toward her son and his ex of almost 20 years.