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Pros of dating a white guy

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I would like to offer my experiences to readers of this site as, unlike many, I have seen both side of this 'argument' from a first hand view. At that time, circumcision was the norm, I apparently was the only infant in the ward not circumcised.The choice of my parents not to circumcise was the same as many parents who do - to look like my father.

This together with the continued hygiene issues made me decide to have a circumcision.It annoys me that the anti circumcision lobby creates so many myths and lies about circumcision in order to prove their point.I even read somewhere that one of them thought it was uncomfortable to ride a bike because he was circumcised!Several 'cosmetic' issues arose from the procedure, but those are outlined below.That was close to ten years ago now, and since that time I consider it to be the best decision I have made.Post sex hygiene I discovered was also a big issue, as ejaculate and fluids would collect under the foreskin, and if left would develop into an unpleasant paste.

At this point I must say that my foreskin could cover the glans (head) of my erect penis.

To me it no longer felt as if I were masturbating through a rubber glove, I could actually feel my partner and all her textures.

For her, the sealing comment was "oh wow that's good".

As I got older and sexual relations developed, I also noticed the difficulty of using a condom on an uncircumcised penis.

To have the condom stay put whilst the foreskin under it moved back and forth was almost impossible, on several occasions it came close to coming off and once actually did.

These stories should be particularly helpful to other men who might be considering getting circumcised, as well as parents worried about the effect on their son when he grows up.