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Raddatepicker not updating

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The project contains a Rad Date Time Picker and a button.

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I am using Telerik's Rad Date Picker control which i think is essentially a Date Time control and i would like to extract the selected date and string it to a variable. Demo websites make the first impression about any product/tool. But, for me, Telerik has failed in making a solid impression. More and more machines are getting 64 bit OS pre-installed on them. Whats the problem with rendering one Text Box as three input tags? ), the code to update the value of the text field to "Hello World" should look like But unfortunately, the above code does not work.Companies and People are moving towards 64 bit platform. Well, none of your traditional Java Script would work! lets say, you were using j Query for your Java Script manipulation (BTW, j Query is an excellent Java Script framework. Since Telerik uses 3 input tags to render one text box the above Java Script code does not set the value of the text field!I select the date using the calendar which closes it afterwards.Hello, Could you please see the demo and the project I send you in my previous mail.If entire Telerik demo website not working on Firefox 64 bit, its a shame if not anything else. Instead, Telerik provides Java Script wrappers for their controls. I will say it again, JQuery api would not work as expected with Telerik Controls.

In this case to update the value of the first name text box we have to use the following Java Script. Imagine, how you will show/hide, enable/disable the text box.

John Hello John, This happens because the picker automatically set focus on the selected date when opening the calendar.

You can handle View Changing and make a check if calendar is showing after clicking the show button, or after the ajax call.

I meant that the selection is made from the calendar, while the dropdown is opened.

Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?

Telerik uses a complex tree of "div's, ul, li, table, tr, td, a, input and an hidden input", for something that could have been easily achieved using a simple "select" tag, some Java Script and some CSS!