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Reality dating show cupid

Detroit natives Kimberly, Lisa and Laura are soaking up some California sunshine on a break from shooting "Cupid." Lisa is looking for a husband and she tells The Early Show's national correspondent Hattie Kauffman she is not ashamed to say it to America. There is some pressure, but they are confident they will not let an inappropriate prospect slip through. "For her, being on the CBS show is not about getting on TV. One guy claims, "I will be your next super hero, I will save you, protect you and guide our relationship up to the next level."Laura asks, "Do you honestly think you're good enough for my girlfriend?

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He says what he looks for in a girl is "Someone willing to communicate, share her feelings, I'm a snuggler. Kimberly says a couple of guys looking for Lisa strike her fancy. Of course then, then she'd give up the million-dollar prize."Cupid" debuts Wednesday night at p.m. Now, Cowell is turning his attention from music to love as the creator and executive producer of an upcoming reality dating show, "Cupid."He visited Friday's The Early Show with Lisa Shannon, a 25-year-old single woman who is looking for Mr. But first, Cowell told his critics, who think he is being mean to kids who have hope of fame and fortune, he is being kind most of the time on "American Idol.""[Some contestants] are disillusioned," he explained."And I'm just saying to people who have no talent, 'You have no talent.'" But isn't there a nicer way to telling a person he or she shouldn't quit their day job?It is easily identified by its apparently unscripted discourse, untrained actors, and the ability to voyeuristically watch events develop.Reality television deals with a variety of subject matters and issues but dating shows in reality television are presumably seen as a way of "sexing it up".If the show's couple stays married for a year, they get a million dollars.

Cowell said they audition hundreds of women for "Cupid," but most saw the show as a launching pad for their acting career.

If you have tha,t you can accomplish anything." Apparently Lou's saying all the right things. If Lisa and the winning bachelor stay married for a year, they'll split a one million dollar prize. Laura says, "Every one loves love, every woman, every man, when it comes down to it.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Simon Cowell is the judge on "American Idol" who has turned the ordinary insult into an art form.

But in the end, Shannon said she wants to meet someone who is funny and who likes sports.

And once the show is over, she wants to go back to her normal life."Cupid" airs this summer on CBS.

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