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Riyadh girl sexy chat

Peters anal ring was getting tight at this point, so Mehmet stopped to allow the muscle tissue to stretch out and accommodate his girth.Feeling some loosening of the cunt flesh constricting his arm he once again began to roughly twist and shove his arm deeper into his slave toys tunnel.

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Slowly withdrawing one hand and then the other, the lips of Peters ass were now even longer and looser than they had been after Ahmets earlier torture session.At the point of maximum stretch Mehmet halted his advancement so that he could fully enjoy the screaming, wailing, and attempted thrashing of his restrained slave who was too tightly bound to the fuck bench to move more than an inch or two despite her best efforts.Carrying on with the session, one last mighty shove found both of the Turks hands buried inside of his slaves snatch, stretching it to unimaginable proportions but Mehmet wanted more.Remove her gag please Ahmet Mehmet instructed, I wish to hear her scream and suffer through this next portion of her training.Ahmet unstrapped the thick throat stretching penis gag from around Peters rubbered head, and yanked it out unceremoniously.Finally able to breathe feely Peter gulped in as much oxygen as he could.

Almost immediately however the pain from his asshole intensified and Mehmet began to work his second hand in past the ring of his sphincter.

It took little effort to get the first one in, but working his bitch for depth would take a little more time.

Mehmet twisted and shoved with his forearm until it way mid-way into the bitch cunt before him.

Opening and closing both hands now into softball sized fists, Mehmet rotated and worked both of his forearms until his slave boy had been turned into nothing more than a babbling drooling incoherent blob.

Keep her conscious Ahmet Mehmet ordered, she is to feel every inch of my arms as they train her pathetic hole.

With that, Ahmet yanked back Peters head and began to deliver a series of stunning slaps across her face, as well and grabbing both rubbered cheeks and pinching and twisting them to add another dimension to Peters level of pain.