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Two trenches were excavated using only trowels, brushes, and ice picks in arbitrary levels or spits of 10 cm.

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At Bodgaya, two log coffins, one belonging to an adult and the other a child, were discovered and radiocarbon dated between 10 CE.Surface finds of potsherds and flake tools were discovered at Kampung Pokas and Bukit Sakong.Three of the more potential sites Melanta Tutup and Bukit Kamiri as well as new areas in Bukit Tengkorak were excavated.The excavations have uncovered new evidence of ancient human habitation in the Semporna region, covering the late Palaeolithic period to the Neolithic, Metal and early historical periods.Radiocarbon dating analyses carried out at some of these sites placed them to range from about 10,730 BCE to 1280 CE.The close association of the cores, flake tools and waste flakes suggested stone tool making at the site.

Radiocarbon dating analyses of three organic samples (two charcoal and one shell samples) from the 30 to 45 cm levels placed the Bukit Tengkorak assemblages to date from 1620 to 910 BCE.

Soil samples were also collected from the different soil layers and were subjected to flotation at the base camp to check for botanical remains but no botanical remains were found.

The excavations at Bukit Tengkorak revealed the findings of pottery sherds, stone tools and faunal remains.

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The archaeological fieldwork was conducted by a research team, headed by the author from the Centre for Archaeological Research Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, with technical help from staff of the Sabah Museum Department and the Mineral and Geoscience Department of Malaysia in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as well as local villagers from Semporna.