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Please remember to follow all the rules listed at the bottom section of each specific chatroom.Jackie had decided to do her best to ensure that her children had better moral values as teenagers than she had so that they would not have to face the early struggles that she and John had to endure. She always took care of herself and was often thought to be a few years younger. John stood over six feet and was a handsome man in his own right.He had short brown hair and was in pretty good shape for a man for 38.And he had taken advantage of the situation to lose his virginity and explore sex with three different girls throughout the year. A cute button nose and a smile that captured your attention. While she only sported a 36-B bustline it looked nice on her tight body. Jana was the type of girl that turned heads everywhere she went. While still a virgin, Jana had figured out how to take advantage of her looks to get her way.If the others were attractive then it would have to be said that Jana was nothing short of beautiful. And nothing excited her more than leading a cute guy on with unspoken promises of a peek under her shirt or a chance to run their hands over her firm little body. She was going to make someone work very hard at earning the right to be the first to enter her highly treasured love box.For our friends using Smartphone and tablets, you can interact through our software by visiting the Mobile chatroom above.

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With graduation less than seven months away she needed to begin applying soon.

They toured the campus then left for the trip to Grandma's.

The Elliott family was one of the nicest families on their block. Jackie had gotten pregnant at 17 so the two of them got married.

John had already graduated and was working full-time while attending community college part-time. But Jackie wasn't due until summer so she was able to graduate. Then the following year Jackie got pregnant again and had their second, and final, child, Jana.

He could be accused of having a wandering eye, but had never strayed from his wife of 19 years.