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She has also had parts in the movies Fatal Attraction, Cocktail, and Married to the Mob.Local Ohio police found themselves face-to-face with several feral raccoons at the weekend.

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Actually, if you've got a speedy runner on third and one at the plate, a drop bunt on the first base side would probably be successful.When asked what my favorite song was, I said Paradise By the Dashboard Light by Meat Loaf, I had to explain who Meat Loaf was, which is really sad.The only one who knew who it was was the girl who's favorite movie was The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a shame, he's an awesome artist.The 'particular behavior' is daunting because raccoons aren't responding to loud noises or motions to scare them away. According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the pests don't appear to have rabies but actually a disease called distemper.Distemper is a viral disease that normally infects unvaccinated dogs but can also infect animals like coyotes, foxes and skunks.I think that Marvin, East Brady, PA may be on to something thinking some of the baseball reference may alude to the woman't bad choices.

He gave her a chance to stop it there when he "practically dared the pitcher to try and pick him off.

The spooked man attempted to scare the pest but found that it was unbothered.

'He'd come out of it, walk around and then he'd do the same thing again.

The wildlife photographer was quick to grab his camera and snap photos of the 'extremely strange behavior.

'He would stand up on his hind legs, which I've never seen a raccoon do before, and he would show his teeth and then he would fall over backward and go into almost a comatose condition,' Coggeshall added.

I've seen a few others on highlight shows since then.