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Shaw discrepancies in olympiad dating

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Wir legen Wert darauf, unsere Bücher möglichst lange verfügbar zu halten.Allerdings sind leider noch nicht alle älteren Werke auf unserer Internetseite verzeichnet.

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Olympia took its name from Mount Olympos, the supposed home of Zeus, although that mountain is in a different part of Greece.Where there are crowds, there is money, so Olympia grew rich, and more temples were built.A much bigger temple was built to Zeus, and the original temple was rededicated to his wife, the goddess Hera.As the games became more lucrative, two rival cities fought for control of the games and the income from them.One was Pisa, a city just two kilometres to the east of Olympia. The fighting between these two cities eventually became a full-blown war, with Elis trouncing Pisa in about 500 BC.The modern Olympic Games have been around since 1896.

This puts them into the class of 'new invention' when compared with the original Olympic Games, which ran every four years in ancient Greece for over a thousand years.

The old pagan gods were outlawed, and the Olympic Games, because they were in honour of Zeus, were closed down.

The statue of Zeus was removed and brought to the capital of the Empire, Constantinople, and was later destroyed in a fire. Earthquakes and landslides demolished the buildings and covered most of them up.

Thematisch liegt der größte Schwerpunkt unseres Programms in der Geschichtswissenschaft.

Traditionell stark vertreten ist seit der Verlagsgründung die Antike.

Der Ausbau in Mittelalter und Neuzeit folgte schnell, so dass wir heute ein weites Spektrum historischer Disziplinen abdecken.